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Broadband help

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basically ive had virgin media tv phone and internet.


the person i live withs being a nob and has dissconnected the internet, ive rang and tried tget it in my name but theyre saying u can only hav 1 account per household and its in my housemates name so i cant go thru virgin.


2ndly we dont have a bt landline its virgin.


what alternatives do i have (whitley bay area) as it stands with regards to getting a decent broadband coonection with minimal hassle

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So Virgin are turning down prospective custom just because there's already been an account on the address? What a bunch of mongs.... ;)


Just because you have a virgin landline, doesn't mean you can't get BT to connect you as well so that's an option.


Another option is to get a mobile broadband dongle.

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Can you not just pay him the monthy fee to and get him to call up and reconnect it?


aye i was already paying the broadband. its 15 reconnection fee im canny annoyed about it. but i think hell get it reconnected . last time i let sum1 take sumthing in their name

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Guest ScreamoonW

Hi all,


we r listenning party107 on itunes and we wld like to get some part of the music for our ipod, do you know how we can get them ???


thks in advance for ur help



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