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Problems With The Board


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Craig, I'm not making any promises, but I might post more with Tapatalk. I know that that is a prospect that excites everyone on this forum, including lurkers.


Leazes Mag WILL be thrilled :D

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Have I clicked on a button I should not have done? On my kindle I have been having difficulties.


On the reply screen I now only get the box to type in and the add reply or preview post button. I no longer can see for instance the buttons for quoting, size, color, links, smileys, etc. When I do type out my post and try to post it sections of my posts disappears completely. For instance if I quote a poster and then add text underneath it as soon as I push post everything except the quote does not show. When I go back to modify post I can re-type my post or YouTube link and press save and bam gone again.


Any clues on how I go back to the standard way of posting.

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Also seems that I can not have quotation marks in my post. They just disappear completely as soon as I push the add reply button.



edit: Links are also not showing up.

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