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Overhyped would be my take on it, still like it though.


Odd to see people marking it down on lack of a single player since its been long known to be multiplayer only.


As I said, its a step forward rather than a leap and this is, at its core, the dev that made CoD what it was, anyone expecting something else was setting themselves up for a fall.


You look at Ghosts for example and it has a 2.6 user score and (like titanfall) its just bitching followed by a 0.

Problem with the internet, anyone can write on it :razz:

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Well yeah, but if you look at user scores on 360 games then then you see all this averages out. Good games get good (averaged) scores, by and large.


I'll probably still get it on the 360. It's not persuaded me to upgrade just yet.

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Titanfall 2 is mint. Proper fun. Not too hard but the split between playing as a Titan and as the Pilot with the wall running is class.


The time travel section is pretty clever too.


This is probs old, old news to you grizzled gamers but it's on Gamepass if anyone's not played it.

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