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I think its pretty amazing how many fans were delighted when it was revealed some time ago that Ashley would support Benitez in the transfer market by making a statement that any money from sales will be available 100%, does anyone actually grasp what this means, in Ashley's terms it means start with eff all and any money we make on selling players can be spent on new signings, in short any money we make by selling the crap we don't want is available, that's probably no more than 30ml, not the 70-100ml everyone was quoting at the time. Going into the Premiership with the current team and the likes of the current signings is going to be a disaster, any signings we have made are Championship material, at best, we do NOT have a single striker good enough, Mitro was rubbish in the Premiership and couldn't even cut it in the Championship, bottom line is were looking at relegation already, this club will pay anywhere near the 20ml required for a decent striker so basically we are going to struggle in every game to get a single goal

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