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Just Vile


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Says a lot for Sunderland really......


THIS is the "vile" woman caught on camera after she urinated on the grave of a cancer victim as his grieving family watched in horror.




The middle-aged woman dropped her trousers in broad daylight and urinated over floral tributes after she was ticked off for letting her dog do its business in the cemetery.


Grieving Lauren Tutty snapped the despicable act on her mobile phone after watching as the woman squatted on the freshly-laid grave of her father, Henry, who died just three weeks ago.


Lauren, her two young children, and her mum Jean, were then subjected to a torrent of abuse, before the woman made off after the sickening act on Sunday afternoon in Bishopwearmouth Cemetery.


Pharmacy technician Lauren said: "It was just vile. I can't believe anyone could be so disgusting."


Police rushed to the graveyard but the woman had fled. They are appealing for anyone who knows the woman to name her.


Grandad Henry Tutty died on January 6 from lung cancer which was diagnosed on December 15.


His family are still struggling to come to terms with his death and had gone to his graveside to read floral tributes still laid out when the incident happened.


Mum-of-two, Lauren, 26, of Rosewood Square, Grindon, said: "I absolutely could not believe what I was seeing. Dad died of cancer just three weeks ago and I'd taken the children along to see his grave. It was his funeral on the 13th and hundreds of people turned up.


"We'd put all the floral tributes on to his grave, near to where his mam and dad were buried.


"When we got to the cemetery on Sunday, I noticed there was a lot of people there taking their dogs for a walk.


"That is fine, but a lot of them were letting the dogs off the lead and run all

over the place.


"I saw one man and woman just ahead of us, with three dogs."


Lauren, who is mum to Chloe, six, and Elliot, two, saw the couple were heading towards her dad's plot and that the woman was going to let the dogs off their leads.


She said: "As soon as she did, one of the dogs – a yappy black mongrel – sprinted across to dad's grave and started kicking about in the flowers.


"Then it cocked its leg on one of the displays, the one that said 'Granda,' that was Chloe and Elliot's gift to dad.


"Another of the dogs ran across to top of the grave next to dad's and peed on that. My mum, who was with us, said to the woman 'your dog ...',


"But the woman swore back 'let my dog piss where it wants'.


"I said 'that's my dad's grave, he's only been dead three weeks'.


"Then she said 'I'll piss all over your dad's grave, will that make you happy?', and she walked up, pulled down her tracksuit bottoms, and did it.


"The dogs were barking at us and snarling. The kids were terrified. It was like a bad dream."


Chloe and Elliot's dad, Lauren's partner Paul, 28, took the kids back to the car. They were crying.


Lauren said: "I said to mam to phone the police and I took a picture on my mobile. Then they walked off like nothing had happened."


The family returned to the grave the next day day and discovered all the floral tributes had been damaged.


A police spokesman said: "Inquiries are continuing".


The woman was about 5ft 6in tall, aged about 50 or 60 and had frizzy black hair. She was overweight and was wearing a red fleece top and blue tracksuit bottoms.


Her partner was taller, and was balding with grey hair. He was wearing a bomber jacket and jeans.


They were walking three mongrel dogs. Two were black and one brown.


Source: http://www.sunderlandtoday.co.uk/ViewArtic...ticleID=1333459


That's just fucking obscene, lowest of the low....


People like that are surplus to the human gene pool tbh

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Vermin. Hope they find out who she is. Sub-human filth.






This is just the greatest quote from a newspaper article ever....


"I told her my dog could p*** where he liked, and I said I would p*** on the grave as well. I didn't, though. I just did it on the road next to where her husband's grave was.



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