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Offside Trap

Rob W

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The Saints operation of the offside trap yesterday was superb - you could use it as a training video


They'd caught us so many times that when Ameobi was through just before he was subbed he actually slowed to look over his shoulder at the linesman


BUT I always think its a risky strategy


1. There is always the risk that someone in the defence screws up and decides to tie his bootlaces and plays the whole forward line onside


2. Even the most thick headed linesman will make a mistake or get sick of sticking his flag up every minute and then you are screwed


3. You have to play a high line - then a good ball over the top or a piece of skill (enter the Zog) can put a forward in with a clear run and TIME to pick his spot

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So did I mate, but he still suffers from a lack of concentration and is forever daydreaming in an offside position.


Falling over yourself when through doesn't help the cause mind
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Players like Dyer, by running from deep, should be able to destroy it. However , though I think Dyer can be a good player on his day, I don't think he's "clever" enough to do it as well as other players have been (Beardsley, Lee, McDemott come to mind).

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