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The following statement appeared on the League Manager's website on Wednesday and seems to confirm that while the Premiership Chairman are happy to support Newcastle, the same cannot be said for the managers:


Following the Annual General Meeting of the League Managers Association held yesterday, we have decided to issue the following statement, in response to concerns raised by our members regarding, what appears to be an attempt by Newcastle United to circumvent the FA Premier League’s own rules.

UEFA issued a directive that had to be implemented by 2003, whereby all domestic Associations had to have their senior league’s Coaches/Managers brought up to UEFA Pro Licence standard, or they could not manage in that senior league.


All Premiership clubs signed up to this agreement, a very clear rule, easily understood and supported by the LMA. The League Managers Association’s aim has always been to raise the standard of coaches and managers. We have a history of helping The FA and the Premier League in that difficult transition period of getting everybody qualified.


The Committee of the LMA took instruction from the members attending yesterday’s AGM, who expressed their deep concern that once again a member club had chosen to side step this rule when it proved inconvenient to them.


This sends out the message that qualifications are not important and that players looking for a future in the game as a coach or a manager do not have to concern themselves with obtaining these qualifications.


Once again we wish to make it clear that this is not about individuals, but is an important point of principle.

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I suppose the LMA is only trying to promote a certain level of excellence to improve the game. But if certain clubs want to employ any man off the street without necessary qualifications then I guess they should be able to.

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Guest alex

The LMA are unimpressed at how little power they actually have being demonstrated to all and sundry.

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So it's wrong for a manager that has all his qualifications bar the "how do I talk to the media, no-one can fail this course" badge to run a premier league club but it's perfectly acceptable for clueless and taggart to manager premier league clubs without recognised manger qualifications because they were given exemptions until 2010?

Fucking joke!

Come on Glen pull that rabbit out of a hat and win us something.

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