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So, lets see who has the computer brains here.


I'm trying to upload a folder through my ftp server. I can log into the server fine. I can delete stuff and browse away no problem.


Trouble is, when I try to upload a folder, after a couple of seconds of uploading, it brings up the login box again, even though Im already logged in.


As I am already logged in, it wont accept the p.word I put in.


I assume its bringing the login box back up due to some IE setting? Anyone any idea? (apart from use Firefox, which I do at home but not here!).



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Nah, go for coffee cup FTP software, free and topn quality, otherwise if you have to use browser uploads then create the folder on the server and upload the files to it rather than attempting a folder in one go.

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browsers are canny shit for uploading anyway, you could try




it's free, if your at work your probably not meant to install shit, but you could remove once jobs done



If you're at work you're probably not meant to be spending time on football message boards either ;)

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