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Garage Gives Neighbour An Erection

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Garage gives neighbour erection

By Dave King


A CALLER to a radio phone-in had listeners in stitches after admitting his neighbour's electronic garage door makes him rise to the occasion.


The unnamed caller said an implant he had put in to help with erection problems activates every time the family next door use the remote-controlled device.


Fighting back giggles, BBC Radio Merseyside host Roger Phillips listened as the man described how electrodes in the garage's mechanism are on the same frequency as his private parts - causing no end of embarrasment.


The punter also revealed that because he had the operation done in Turkey, there is nothing English docs can do.


The conversation went: CALLER: I had a problem with impotence and I had an operation in Turkey and got an implant which would help. HOST: I know the sort of thing. CALLER: But what is happening now is every time my neighbour comes back in their 4 x 4, I get an erection. HOST: Good Lord. CALLER: This is embarrassing. It's a big problem. HOST: Have you been to see you doctor about it? CALLER: The problem is I had this done in Turkey, using equipment that is not known in this country. I don't like it because every time his car pulls in I can't leave the house. HOST: (Laughing) I'm afraid that it sounds funny as well. I know it's not funny for you. CALLER: It's not funny for me, Roger, when I can't leave the house because I'm walking around with a big erection. HOST: You're going to have to go and see a doctor.

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