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Venables and Thompson

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Is 'an historic' correct or is it rather archaic? I wouldn't say it but I'm never too sure about whether or not to write it...



I'd say do what you like and thumb your nose at the likes of Renton tbh.





This coming from the bloke who brings up every typo I make!


If I'm going to post something in a thread Dotbum's involved in, I have to proof read it first!

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This coming from the bloke who brings up every typo I make!


If I'm going to post something in a thread Dotbum's involved in, I have to proof read it first!



:D My work here is done. I don't generally bother with that kind of thing, I just pick on people who should know better, like writers. :razz:


Seriously, I don't know why you're so snobby on accents/pronunciation, the purpose is to communicate what you want to say clearly and efficiently, after that I couldn't give a shite.

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This article from Adelaide Now relates to the case in Australia that J69 brought up.


Vandals hit home of girl's accused killer


THE home of a man charged with sexually assaulting and killing an eight-year-old schoolgirl has been vandalised.


Rocks were thrown through the windows of the house Dante Wyndham Arthurs shared with his parents in Canning Vale, in Perth's southeast, on Wednesday night.

It is believed his parents were not home at the time.


Police said they would step up patrols of the area.


Arthurs, 21, has been in Hakea prison, also in Canning Vale, since his arrest on Tuesday night.


Arthurs made a brief appearance in the West Australian Supreme Court yesterday, via video-link from a Perth psychiatric facility.


He has been charged with wilful murder, sexual penetration of a child and deprivation of liberty following the discovery on Monday of Sofia Rodriguez-Urrutia-Shu's body on the floor of a Perth shopping centre toilet.


The court was told that "malicious" rumours claiming Arthurs was involved in the 1993 murder of a two-year-old British boy may have compromised his right to a fair trial.


Authorities have emphatically rejected allegations, circulated nationally via email and fax since Arthurs' arrest, that he was one of two 10-year-old boys who killed toddler James Bulger after abducting him from a shopping centre in Liverpool.


The rumours are believed to be based on speculation that Jon Venables and Robert Thompson were given new identities on their release from prison in Britain in 2001, and that at least one was relocated to Australia.


Prosecutor Ken Bates expressed "deep concerns" that the "malicious emails" may have compromised Arthurs' right to a fair trial.


Mr Bates said fingerprint evidence had demonstrated the allegations were baseless. Arthurs was "born and bred in WA", he said.


Arthurs made no application for bail and Judge John McKechnie remanded him in custody until July 11, to reappear before the Perth Magistrates Court.


Federal Justice Minister Chris Ellison also stepped in to the case yesterday, saying Arthurs "has no connection" to the James Bulger murder.


The Bulger killers were not relocated to Australia, he said.


Meanwhile, hundreds of schoolchildren will today lay flowers at the shopping centre where Sofia was killed.


The tributes from students at her brother's school are intended to show support for the girl's shattered family.


"It's to remember Sofia, it's to show the family we care, we all care," said Carey Baptist College principal Des Mitchell.


"It's a way of standing with them, and as we share the pain we want to shine the torch, and show there's a way forward."

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They sounded lovely through their time away like.


One threatened to batter someones baby after he teased him, the other wrote obscenities on the walls and threatened the other boys.


And theyre supposedly reformed!?



What are you talking about?

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