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  1. You don't fancy taking John O'Shea off our hands do you?
  2. Amazing stadiums. Seems a crazy choice given that is 40c in the summer over there though.
  3. Can anyone shed any light on where Dan Gosling is? Always thought he was a player of massive potential.
  4. Don't think it would work out for him. He stands out in a very average team who is over achieving.
  5. Unlucky today and good luck next season . Get rid of Owen , Viduka , Martins and get strikers who perform we in week out not now and again.
  6. *straightens tie* Hellllooooooooooo, Ellie. Ahaha mucho's liko's that smilie, can I nick it, can I can I? (Thats why I don't get out much, too easily excited and I have accidents ) so does Snakehips Ellie...be careful :icon_lol: on that note I'm back to Bobcat for ten minutes before I have to get back on to the special bus, It was murder to get out in the wash last time Cheerio xxxx (<-----andother reason for girlie girls to be banned from TT ) Shocked at what is a filthy comment lol!! keep it up
  7. We will have a strong enough team out to save the day for you lot dont worry . I can see it being a draw so make sure you win and your safe .
  8. Im not talking about man boobs Im talking about Chicks who are more like men like Katie lawlor should a women be a women or is it ok for them to be laddets ? Is there anyone you know who could be a pretty bird but are more like a guezzer !!
  9. Have faith be positive something my Uncle said to me during the Final in 99 he said to me dont worry the goal will come we are the better team and sure as hell it did. You are the better team dont worry.
  10. My missus is a feather pillow with a smiley face drawn on it but I aint complaining Her name is Cathy love cuddling up to her after a session a just falling to sleep next to her .
  11. I get it every night of my missus Im just having a laugh lol!!
  12. Is that the corner throwing in the towel !! Its over soccermum wins this one by tko !!! Never take on a women they always win !
  13. What order does these three things lay in order for you men ? As for the women lets go with Looks , Body , Wealth
  14. someone asked. I answered. I am. Didn't say I didn't have a face like a bull dog. should I have said 4'9", mousey, size 26 and 40F? Can I amend my first answer now please, apparently you lot prefer a bit-o-bullshit. Someone asked you for photographic evidence that you are a woman, instead you posted up your stats. Hardly asking the direct question was he? Since you have been here you have done the "ohhh look at me, I am a lass and I say naughty things. When i take my boy to football everyone looks at me" shite. This is why people doubt you are a woman, you try too hard. piss off, I don't try at all. If you really want me to be a man I'll be a man. Would that make you feel better? My son doesn't go to football anymore, He decided he didn't like it. I don't say naughty things. FFS. I say fuck, wow! I say gash, wow! Should I call it my pink girlie bits instead, Would that make you happy? From now on everyone should say: oh dear me, back off bully, vagina and penis. lets all be ever so polite and anatomically correct. The forum police are about grow up and back off bully. Go sister lol!! Good come back and if this was a boxing fight I have you ahead on the score cards Seconds out Round ten
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