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  1. Sports Personality of the Year

    I'd vote for Ryan Giggs.
  2. Transfer Deadline Day 2011

    You don't fancy taking John O'Shea off our hands do you?
  3. Qatar 2022

    Amazing stadiums. Seems a crazy choice given that is 40c in the summer over there though.
  4. Dan Gosling

    Can anyone shed any light on where Dan Gosling is? Always thought he was a player of massive potential.
  5. Charlie Adam rumour.

    Don't think it would work out for him. He stands out in a very average team who is over achieving.
  6. Championship football

    Unlucky today and good luck next season . Get rid of Owen , Viduka , Martins and get strikers who perform we in week out not now and again.
  7. Geordie lasses

    As a manc we all have this image that all geordie women look like Cheryl cole . I know this cant be true but if all geordie lasses were up to that standard then it would possible make geordie women the best in the world . I know they like a good time but I dont know to much about them . So what are geordie women really like ? And if there are any online how do you think geordie women differ from manc women ? Cue the manc slappers replys !
  8. We will have a strong enough team out to save the day for you lot dont worry . I can see it being a draw so make sure you win and your safe .
  9. women on forums

    This forum is carrying very little female members but what in your opinion is acceptable do we want loads of fit women or do we want just a few ? Why hasnt this forum got any women
  10. women on forums

    *straightens tie* Hellllooooooooooo, Ellie. Ahaha mucho's liko's that smilie, can I nick it, can I can I? (Thats why I don't get out much, too easily excited and I have accidents ) so does Snakehips Ellie...be careful :icon_lol: on that note I'm back to Bobcat for ten minutes before I have to get back on to the special bus, It was murder to get out in the wash last time Cheerio xxxx (<-----andother reason for girlie girls to be banned from TT ) Shocked at what is a filthy comment lol!! keep it up
  11. Men with Boobs

    Im not talking about man boobs Im talking about Chicks who are more like men like Katie lawlor should a women be a women or is it ok for them to be laddets ? Is there anyone you know who could be a pretty bird but are more like a guezzer !!
  12. Tits , arse , Face

    What order does these three things lay in order for you men ? As for the women lets go with Looks , Body , Wealth
  13. Newcastle United 3-1 Boro, full time.

    Have faith be positive something my Uncle said to me during the Final in 99 he said to me dont worry the goal will come we are the better team and sure as hell it did. You are the better team dont worry.
  14. Tits , arse , Face

    My missus is a feather pillow with a smiley face drawn on it but I aint complaining Her name is Cathy love cuddling up to her after a session a just falling to sleep next to her .
  15. Tits , arse , Face

    I get it every night of my missus Im just having a laugh lol!!
  16. women on forums

    Is that the corner throwing in the towel !! Its over soccermum wins this one by tko !!! Never take on a women they always win !
  17. women on forums

    someone asked. I answered. I am. Didn't say I didn't have a face like a bull dog. should I have said 4'9", mousey, size 26 and 40F? Can I amend my first answer now please, apparently you lot prefer a bit-o-bullshit. Someone asked you for photographic evidence that you are a woman, instead you posted up your stats. Hardly asking the direct question was he? Since you have been here you have done the "ohhh look at me, I am a lass and I say naughty things. When i take my boy to football everyone looks at me" shite. This is why people doubt you are a woman, you try too hard. piss off, I don't try at all. If you really want me to be a man I'll be a man. Would that make you feel better? My son doesn't go to football anymore, He decided he didn't like it. I don't say naughty things. FFS. I say fuck, wow! I say gash, wow! Should I call it my pink girlie bits instead, Would that make you happy? From now on everyone should say: oh dear me, back off bully, vagina and penis. lets all be ever so polite and anatomically correct. The forum police are about grow up and back off bully. Go sister lol!! Good come back and if this was a boxing fight I have you ahead on the score cards Seconds out Round ten
  18. women on forums

    someone asked. I answered. I am. Didn't say I didn't have a face like a bull dog. should I have said 4'9", mousey, size 26 and 40F? Can I amend my first answer now please, apparently you lot prefer a bit-o-bullshit. Men just like a decent rack and nice boat race and a nice arse you have them and your laughing . If you carry any of the following problems your fucked - Big nose - 10 extra stone - Huge feet - Green teeth - Acne - A bad smell down bellow If you carry all of these Id go to closest vets and ask to be put down as soon as possible to save distress to the general public.
  19. LOL!! Surely Hull have a case to sue Fulham for selling them damaged goods why the hell his Hull sign him Fulham were reluctant to give him a new contract even though he'd been there best player for a few years . Football has gone mad
  20. Splitsville

    Yes Jordan is single better get the old dancing shoes polished Im off out in London town.
  21. Funny Man Utd article from 2006

    Whoever wrote that is a dounut to be honest lol!! On the subject though when will the big man stand down I hope he chooses the right time to walk away because it would be a hugely sad day for him to walk away on a season of decline . If we win the league and Champions league this season he will of achieved more than he could ever dream of and I cant see how he can better it his age is catching up with him and Liverpool are getting stronger every year so he should use his head and say goodbye . I say that out of respect for the man it pains me to say it but all good things have to end so why not go out the ultimate.
  22. women on forums

    Im sorry this thread turned into a war against you soccermum if you like to speak your mind fair enough . The thing is that foot in your Avatar is so god dam sexy we are expecting a page three model but what we got was a Jo Brand attitude and a grizzly blokes voice in our heads . Why not post a picture to end all this speculation.
  23. You talk alot of sense as a United fan who goes to the games more often then not I have from time to time wondered whether it was the right move to sign him . But I thought he played well yesterday and his control and pass for Teves goal was class . Maybe he is a little slower then his team mates and I think that is the reason why he is getting less shots in at United because of his lack of pace to keep up with our breaks . The outcome of this is this really Id rather he played for us then against so therefore he is usefull option .
  24. Coloccini

    I think he would be a decent player in a team at the other end of the table sometimes good players struggle when a team is struggling look at the west ham team that went down a few years ago who would of thought Joe Cole , Michael Carrick and a few other decent players would of played so bad as to get relegated .
  25. Predictions for tonight.

    Im going for Newcastle 3-0 to be honest Boro are in dire straights with two good players and 9 dodgy ones they are on a one way ticket to the Coca cola league !! As for the Geordie boys you will be ok I think tonight will be the start of the surge that will see Hull replace you in the bottom three making it Boro bottom Hull second bottom and West brom third bottom come the end of the season .

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