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  1. How much of a roll do you see Him playing next season??? Noone seems intrested usuprisingly. I think in the CHAMPIONSHIP..we should certainly give him (yet) Another chance..HE HAS TO come good eventually?? Barton deserves a run in the side.
  2. Bassong is suspended Anyways... Remember???
  3. Posters seem to be Anti-Keegan. But Voters are all for him!!?? Btw...When i said "not mind" i didn't mean as in "We love Keegan,Keegan = Messiah" that most people on here seem to live along.I just meant would it Bother you...
  4. Are you just dis-agreeing just for the sake of it??? No, I'm just not an utter spastic like some. You will find that the majority of people didn't want Allardyce out in the first place anyway and most people had their eyes cast on about 5 or 6 other managers before Keegan was announced - which of course we were over the moon with but how couldn't we be? You can't be serious! Apart from maybe shearer WHO ELSE would you actually want to see at Newcastle??? Please lets not start with the Paul Jewel rubbish!!
  5. NO,NO,NO,NO, & NO!! Keegan should go NOWHERE near southampton ffs!! He will Manage NEWCASTLE next season!
  6. I'm personally horrified that Southampon are in with a Serious chance of getting him! Most of this squad is KEEGAN's anyways.Keegan is the excact person we need at this moment in time. Shearer gave it go.I think he could play a lesser role a the club but at the moment i think he is just not ready for it.Anyways HE HIMSELF said it was a short term project for him.He should honour his word & make way IF keegan was brought back.Southampton or Newcastle?? Simple choice for Keegan?? However i am aware there are a few Minority who may actually NOT want Keegan back at newcastle??
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