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  1. Along with: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Sunderland, Bristol, Plymouth, Liverpool and Milton Keynes. Now all we need is for FIFA to choose england as the hosts next year.
  2. I would fill the page with "" icons but I'll make this post serious, I think there's now a blatant danger of you falling away from the promotion race. Hughton isn't good enough as a manager to keep you consistant enough to come back up. Your squad is good enough yes, albeit being thin. His tactical knowledge is poor and his motivational skills are weak. I'm sure you all know giving him the full time job would be a complete disaster. It was always clear to me he would never have the ability to keep you consistant enough to win the league. Big mistake by the obese cockney clown for keep
  3. You wont be laughing when we get that beach ball on loan. shit
  4. Fuck off you mackem cunt. You still live in Sunderland, your shithole city is shit and say skewl, and I live in Newcastle.
  5. Without Gerrard or Torres they're there for the taking. absolutely true, but 3 points is 3 points.
  6. the day we beat liverpool, this happens. You're still good enough to win this, forest are not even near the strongest of the championship teams.
  7. Sorry to deflate you all but, I don't give a fuck if a balloon helped us score or not. We're fucking flying this season and that's all that matters.
  8. A sign perhaps? a sign like that maybe?
  9. 25mins into extra time typical "fergie time" and was inveitable to happen. First time that I can say as a sunderland fan ,I'm devastated we failed to win at old trafford, a very entertaining game though nontheless.
  10. You should consider the fact that your own club has narrowly escaped a similar financial ruin before going onto mocking someone else.
  11. I am sure the rugby authorities rejected any chance of us using twickenham for the world cup.
  12. nevermind, you really can't be on with a cup run considering the size of your squad tbh. Now you can focus on the league.
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