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  1. SportsDirect.com UK's number one.... Good News. Dive into our 'back 2 skool' mega sale where we have SONDICO football boots and formal KANGOL footwear from as little as £10. Hurry whilst stock lasts *Subject to availability*
  2. How do you watch porn then, DEADMAN?
  3. I wonder if any of you cunts can find a pictue of me on the interwebz. you do that. then i'll post the chick
  4. Evidence? none required, A* doesn't exist at A level are you sure? I advise you look in to that
  5. Shut the fuck up bish. My bitch clucks for cock
  6. Maybez itz becuz youz iz a mermaid like
  7. NO! You will listen to my right-wing views. Scum to those with political half-bait ideology
  8. Fuck off. I'd rather be a democrat than associate myself with that filth
  9. Got mine today. Physics A* Chemistry A French A* German A* Mega pissed off about not getting an A* in Chemistry
  10. your mum likes suckin' me off. she clucks for hard cock
  11. I'm getting on a lot better with the girl who you cunts think dumped me.... mann i was ballz deepin' her the other day. was lush
  12. Each to their own. You dirty cunt
  13. In her mouth and up her arse as well as on her flat chest breasts
  14. I would love to spaff aal ower her tits
  15. i knocked the bin over in manchester cos im so fucking hardcore
  16. Stop wanking around. This is a serious cumfession
  17. Babe - wanna get it on?
  18. WordPlay

    Help me!

    Somebody plz save me from all this bullying.... Tom or ant - pull your finger(s) out of your arses and do something!! MUCH LOVE. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  19. me, ronnie coleman, ross kemp, mr t and arnold schwarzenegger would take on the world. so stfu muslim fanatic ksa and sit the fuck down
  20. I'm not joking. Doctor's advise
  21. Why am I not banned? Leave Gallagher alone! I've got yo 6 bro
  22. Are you minted like me? Welcome!
  23. to have your 2 *wink winks* a week and you can save yourself from testicular cancer. Much Love XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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