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  1. More importantly... Kevin, who's that in your avatar?
  2. If anyone here can get one of the gold badge version I wouldn't mind buying it off you, I think it looks ok heresy though it may be. As for the Barcelona kit, it's not bad at all, plus a little bit of history with the first sponsor and all.
  3. Apparently Ba was asked for an autograph and did sign it. The fella who asked for it then asked Ba why he wouldn't stand up to talk to him and Ba said he was "tired from the match". Then he turned to talk to another player in French at which point the fan told him "this is England talk in English" and apparently also called him a "black b@5tard" at which point it indeed did kick off. This is via the 'Knees Up Mother Brown forum of which a mate is a member and is from people caught in the middle of it. Apparently the table who caused the bother were a big bunch of lads too so it could have bee
  4. I stand corrected! I think I'm getting confused with Ashley recovering his investment, either way it's not a bad situation to be in in the Premier League.
  5. Which team is it that sings the Adams Family tune at their own disabled fans? I think it's Stoke put I may be wrong (so apologies to any Stoke people..unless it is you).
  6. I think that the club will actually be close to that target, but only if the Carroll money goes into club debt payments. By close though it's still a few million here or there..
  7. nice work on the reflections! Attention to detail and all that.
  8. The Sunderland Echo is appalingly written, it really does sound like a pisstake! It's almost worth getting in the line behind them, and when the doors open sprint past them, grap the first shirt and buy it, flick em' the V's and bin it on the way out. Best fans my arse.
  9. Shearer has a look of 'Finchy' from The Office there.
  10. he's one of those players everyone hates, but if he played for your team you'd love him. Anyone who unashamedly clatters the oppositions best players is good entertainment when you're a few down, so long as you don't ask if you might not be losing if you weren't fielding Robbie Savage..
  11. The Arsenal crest is nice for a centenary type year. Blyth did the same thing in 1999, but the laurel wreath things are far too wide on the Arsenal one. I think the current Newcastle badge is very nice, best left alone.
  12. It will be interesting to see the scramble to poach the best of the players from the relegated sides. I've got a feeling that that's where the Carroll money will evaporate into.
  13. Now there's an obscene stokoeshop opportunity..
  14. Pardew is playing Hughton's team though.. I think the stats needed for a fair comparison would be endless, such as money spent comparative spending of other teams and of course the actual teams played in those games compared! All in all I have a lot of respect for Hughton, but very little for Pardew!
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