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  1. I have updated Sameobinidas. Forgot I had made that!
  2. It's really unfair when they compare Ben Arfa and Messi... he's really good and all, but he's no Ben Arfa.
  3. But what would being a newcastle fan be like without the constant nerve fraying?
  4. holy shit: http://www.twitvid.com/CB89P
  5. Fun fact: "Papiss Demba Cisse currently has the best minutes/goal ratio in Premier League history, netting a goal every 68.4 minutes." Let's see that continue today, eh? Howay the lads!
  6. While I'm thrilled we're gonna be playing in Europe, I still would have loved to catch a match this summer over here (across the pond). One day it will happen.
  7. the mayor of milan confirms he has never seen a mackem there: http://twitter.com/#!/Iwantcurlyhair2/status/175130832493744128/photo/1
  8. And to think, this was his first game in the premiership and he was already that good. Imagine what he'll be doing once he gets settled!
  9. a double demba debut. can't wait to see our team with a proper front line again.
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