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  1. Any manager good or shit has got a certain ego about them. He'll see that he got some good free transfers in also Cabaye and Santoon and we've made a good start to the season. Thatll feed Pardews ego and he'll be saying to himself, I cant do the accent, "fercking hell! I'm doing well without backing from the board!" So no I dont think he'll be leaving anytime soon.
  2. I'm sure that Pardew would have loved to have bought in Cisse/Ruiz/Maiga and whoever else he thought would make the team better but he has to accept that he signed up to be MA n DL button pusher. I'm in no way Pardews biggest fan but I dont blame him for the lack of spending thats all to do with the bellends up top. Would still prefer a better manager but just a pipe dream until we have new owners.
  3. I like how the players run really fast for my team
  4. Fulham should be ferked off their nice trip to the beautiful Ukraine so I think get wu fast as fuck wingers on and put it up um. They dont like that I hear. obertan perhaps. Marveaux? Sammy even? 3-1 Toon early prediction.
  5. With a right foot ya can eat ya fish finga tea off... Boss man!
  6. Terrible attitude imo and hate the way its crept into football. We have zero chance of winning the league so a cup is our ONLY chance of winning something. Cant wait for the game to start. Would head off to the pub now if I could take more beer. I agree love cup games. Should put decent team out and take advantage of other teams not giving a shite. Another excuse to go to the pub and should at the little footballers on the telly. hash tag hooray!
  7. Least we wouldnt have to see; OFF TO TRAINING!!! :lol: :) :) :) :) :) :) :) LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I'M A FOOTBALLER AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! On twitter all the time. (Realise I should just unfollow him but I'm a slave for celeb goss.)
  8. Yeah but Given was/is a quality keeper another one of them would do nicely thank you very much. Never thought much to Harper as a first choice keeper tbh. I'm all for loyalty but quality is more important... Obviously.
  9. Only problem I can see is that he'll definitely drop some clangers. I hope the crowd stay with him. Mike Hooper was a ruined man when he fucked up. Thats what I mean. Look at the pressure De Gea is under already. Imagine he played in front of real football fans! The pressure is on for Krul but his national team seem to trust him so why not give him a shot?
  10. Thought Cabaye cost under £5 mill? He must be including agent fee's and the such...
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