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  1. The Harbour Chippy at Amble is fantastic, decent portions and fresh fish with a nice batter. Wen to Pinnacles a month or so ago, it was ok but not superb. No top notch chippy's in the Cramlington locale - the one at Annistford is possibly the best of a poor choice. If we are having fish I would head for the coast although Gorman's seems popular on here. They always taste nicer at somewhere like Whitby or Scarborough sitting by the sea.
  2. Jesus wept. You do realise that parts of France are colder than England in the winter, aye? and you do realise that Jean Claude doesnt really exist dont you? I have a vewy good fwend in Wome named Jean Claude Floot de Ponce-Ponce! He has a wife you know....
  3. Mine did the same thing, I was trying to post a photo of RunGeordieRun from the Arsenal match and it didnt work, changed the setting from yfrog to twitpic and it worked ok after that.
  4. Gutter I believe they were planning to make another film as well, no Hightower or Tackleberry then, meh. RIP
  5. I'd rather come from Helmand Province We wish you did too
  6. He's 42... And evidently has a tenuous grasp on spelling and grammar.
  7. Resisting the temptation to comment on your rubber curtain it was taken down a couple of years ago I think, I stand at the mouth of that tunnel on match days and can't recall having to shift it out me way for a while now.
  8. Good effort Tom, the club could at the very least put a note in the programme as mentioned previously, even a minute's silence for Tore Eikeland and the other people who died wouldn't be inappropriate I reckon, not sure the club would do that though. Getting Eikeland 21 on a Toon top seems a fitting tribute to the lad and his support. RIP Tore
  9. I remember watching Shay and Harper warming up years ago and when the GK coach at the time swung a cross in Harper would try and challenge for a header. One cross was too far out so Shay stayed on his line and Harper pulled off a quite stunning overhead kick to much applause from the Gallowgate. Raker.
  10. Substitute Boumsong for Guivarch. Or Marcelhino. Or Bassedas. Or Viana. Or Andersson. Or Pistone. Tell me when to stop. While I agree we've had home born players who have turned out to be shite, most of the foreign ones at Newcastle have done so spectacularly. Solano, Robert, Ginola etc tbh Obviously we're gonna have more foreign flops than english mostly because weve had alot more foreigners in recent times than homegrown players I think your etc,etc is a bit thin after those three. Even Hamann, although not a failure, kicked us in the teeth and basically told us to
  11. I think tbh you might have to call your lawyers in because this is a free thinking message board which in no way condones racism but at the same time wont just roll over and censor the views of its members because some random QPR says its wrong. It would no doubt be interesting to see what a court of law would make of your complaint especially as I could pull up a thousand posts from a hundred different Rangers message boards saying far worse about the English and Celtic. And he seemed such a canny fella when he was Harold Bishop in Neighbours.... meh.
  12. Dunno if you heard it last night, but MM was on about N'Zogbia. 'He was treated like a dog by the club, played him at left back a lot...SBR christened him Insomnia' They were all unsure if this was the case and in a flap MM asked for callers to verify. Only the obvious producer in his earpiece telling him it was JFK marginally saved him some face . Thats exactly the sort of basic, utterly incorrect statement they are all capable of making. Poor form.
  13. I used to listen to the Legends show when Eric Gates was on, hated him but he spoke the most sense, when he left it went downhill rapidly. They are all woefully unaware of recent football news despite being on the radio every night and attending matches, none of them seem to understand they can verify pretty easy knowledge they often get wrong by using that internet thingy, any social media is beyind them and their 'banter' is childish, puerile and if a woman (of any age) rings up it's like On the Buses or a Carry On film. Thankfully Total Sport is on BBC Newcastle, wish it lasted another
  14. Are you pelanising him for it ? Quality. I was also going to cite Waddle for crimes against the Geordie accent. In that documentary following Graham Taylor and the England team when Ronald 'Cheating Dutchman whose grandparents probably shopped Anne Frank' Koeman does a reverse choke hold on David Platt getting only a yellow then scoring the free kick that kept us away from USA '94 I can recall Lawrie McMenemy uttering in his distinct rumbling tones 'Do we not get a pelanty like?'.
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