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  1. ...

    just come out of being in a coma. have i missed much?
  2. This is BRILLIANT! and yes Renton, I did. Reason for it was: The right is right! Most of you on here only have half-baited political ideology!!!! Morons
  3. I couldn't disagree more - I wouldn't change the name of St James' Park for any amount of money. I would rather play in the 4th division with the name St James' Park than strip away a part of what it means to follow Newcastle. What next for the right price, change the kit, change the name, change the location? Its all part of the same thing. I support Newcastle because I love the the area and the people and the club is an expression and a representation of that love. Its about pride and tradition. I couldn't give a fuck about most of the players, they mean nothing to me, they are here today and gone tomorrow, most of them are paid mercenaries who ply their trade to the highest bidder. What counts is the name of Newcastle United and their brilliant supporters and the name of St James' Park is part of that representation and part of the wonderful history of the club and it should never be changed. Its something that people like Ashley will never understand. Give it a good decade and every team in the PL would've had their names changed by their owners. I WOULD do the same Pipe down, Gemmill - you've got 30,000 posts more than me. Have you ever felt natural light on your skin?
  4. Perhaps you should dig oot yer tin hat, ye might be taking some flak ower remarks like that. Well I couldn't. Newcastle United is more than just football now
  5. I couldn't give a rat's arse (unlike Deaders). All the money for Premiership football is abroad in places like India and as soon as a telly is turned on over there "SportsDirect.com UK's number 1". We get MORE money at our disposal It'll always be St James' to the fans as a few of you lads have made clear. I'd rather be a better side with a shit name, than a shit side with a good name
  6. Everytime I try to make this my new signature - I get the error screen! Shouldn't be doing that surely as Ant has one! Suggestions?
  7. Semi: d'you have a PS3?
  8. This. Hard enough trusting a PC! Go to the bank....
  9. You've got me shitting myself now. I'm fucking petrified that some fat, friendless cunt sat safely behind his keyboard is giving me his made up award. I think I'm just going to go back to work and enter the real world again instead of talking to some utter mutant on here... aha, he nearly has 15,000 posts. So true.... o, hai ewerk
  10. Look hard enough and you'll see LeazesMag
  11. Her daughter's in hospital now
  12. 18
  13. People Who Continuously Type Every Word In A Sentence With A Capital Letter. As well as people not knowing the difference between your / you're and their / there / they're
  14. Explain why I'm seeking attention! She's basically moaning because we've sent a bigger ship to protect what is OURS. Detect the not-so funny joke, prick
  15. errrrrr.... yes they do - just not too happy about it. (section in red is right) off MOTD, of course