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  1. Only 3 defeats in the last 55 games, are they mad? Any team would love to have that sort of record. All the best to him for the future.
  2. Going for the Wolves job?
  3. Gerrin! Any one got a link for the goals?
  4. R.I.P Great player and man
  5. Orc, Redguard or Nord Also, this game is amazing. I'd recommend everyone to get it.
  6. That's the nudist section. You might be next to me Nudist section, i like the sound of that Aye, and it's also where the Sky Sports camera's tend to go when they're looking for people to discuss the club. You ever wondered why you see fat people with NUFC tattooed on them with no shirt on? That's the nudist section too. Enjoy! Wey it's a good thing I'm a fat lad with NUFC tattooed on me.
  7. I'd tell the scottish cunt to fuck right off
  8. That's the nudist section. You might be next to me Nudist section, i like the sound of that
  9. Got me season ticket, sat in Level 7E, what's it like up there?
  10. How long a Toon Fan : 18 years Why the Toon : Dad supports them Location : Durham Toon Games been to : Loads, haven't been for a few years though Where we have been / are going : I'm not sure, I thought we'd struggle again this season, our start have proved is wrong like. Still along way to go though. Need to strengthen our squad as we have nee depth.
  11. Beat off fucking Blackburn, good one lads
  12. http://www.justin.tv...n#/w/1969695392 Thanks man
  13. Anyone got link to stream or radio?
  14. Am ganna get a half price season ticket. Haven't been to a game for years, where's the best place to sit? Decent view and atmosphere is what I'm after. I'm a student, so not a too expensive area please :D