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  1. Would you take him back?
  2. Suarez' one at the weekend wasn't THAT bad..
  3. Cheers lads for showing us how it's done against them bastards. Go and get top four now!!
  4. Enjoy it lads!
  5. You had a little bit of luck to be fair. We should have been 0-1 up inside 20 minutes. Didn't do that, you got a goal, we fell apart. Story of a season.
  6. Deserved victory. Can't say no more than that we should take note from you about how to spend money. I think you got a better team than we have, though you probably spent less on your XI than we on Carroll. Enjoy the season, I hope you somehow get Top Four. SJP's atmosphere is deserving of a Champions League spot.
  7. Congratulations lads.
  8. All the best on Snday lads!
  9. Absolutely delighted for you and myself. It's been a long time since I enjoyed a game of footy with Liverpool not involved THAT much. Thanks and fair fucking play, must have been hard against twelve men.
  10. Newcastle United 1-0 Howard Webb Army Get. In.
  11. I'd love it if you beat them. Love it!
  12. Howay Newcastle! Would love you Geordies sticking one upon Fergie's arse!
  13. To be honest, it could've been Hodgson on the touchline scratching his arse and smelling it. There's no difference in what I seen tonight to the way they played under him. Hodgson wouldn't have put Gerrard on until the 85th minute.
  14. We were jammy, on another day it could have been better for you. Hope your luck turns for the good against the Mancs.
  15. If you want help achieving the first one I'm here for ya!