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  1. Townsend is a very good player. When confident, and flying he's great. Criticisms - a bit eager to shoot, and can be greedy, but he's young. Will be a worthy addition to NUFC, I'm certain. Kind of sad to see him go.
  2. Your tea ladies must be pissed off tonight! Oh well, football innit.
  3. This news pleases me immensely. That said, it also adds fuel to the 'It's the hope that kills you' fire.
  4. I obviously don't watch as much NUFC as you, but it seems to me you have some excellent players, some of the best in the league in fact, but not a whole lot of cohesion. I reckon if you get a decent start, and confidence builds, there's no reason you shouldn't be challenging for the European spots. Obviously need to hold on to your better players though.
  5. Well I for one hope your players aren't already on the beach when this match comes around! Can't see Wigan getting anything against Arsenal, so it'll likely come down to the last match. I'm hoping the whole 'pressure off' thing will make a difference and you'll turn up pinging it about like 1970s Brazil!
  6. I think barring one or two obvious exceptions, most teams would miss Bale if he left them. You may be right, he's getting better every year and unless Spurs invest significantly in the Summer, which is unlikely given the new stadium being built, he'll be off. If we qualify for the Champions League, I reckon he'll give us another season, if we don't I think he'll go this summer. You know what Levy is like though, it'll take silly money to offload him - probably £40m at least if it's a Spanish side (preferable) or a lot more if an English club wants him. I can't vouch for the acc
  7. Fair result I thought. Bale is in great form, and it's good timing as the rest of the side aren't clicking at the minute., but all the 'one man team' stuff is a bit off in my view. Yes he's our most talented player, but the rest of the team muck in too, as these pre-match stats confirm: Thought you looked very good in spells, especially first half, and it was fairly even until Gouffran went off. Chin up, you're nailed on to be challenging for the European spots next season.
  8. I read yesterday that only Man City and Liverpool have done it in recent years. So basically, it'll change very little.
  9. While Bale has been great recently, so has Lennon - he's having arguably his best season for Spurs so he could be dangerous for you as well. On Adebayor, meh, he's up to his old tricks again. I heard City and Arsenal fans complaining that after an encouraging start to his stints at both of their clubs he took the foot off the gas and ambled about. Well, he's been average at best this season, and this whole business of a late return from the AFCON isn't exactly showing him in great light.
  10. 'lo all! Pretty spectacular match from your lads yesterday, was very impressed. Despite a decent unbeaten league run, apart from the 2nd half against Man United (where we battered them) we've actually stumbled through a lot of games not playing all that well. A bit of magic here and there from Bale has pulled us through the last two matches. Going on your performance yesterday (and I can only really go by that given the influx of new players) and our relatively poor form, I wouldn't be amazed if this ended a draw, or by 1 goal each way. Tough to call. No Defoe - it was Sod's
  11. I know you're getting done, but top marks to your fans here, great noise. Loved "we support our local team" when the Man Utd fans were trying to give it.
  12. YES! I was 12 years old last time we won at OT in the league. 12!
  13. Pleased with Dempsey joining, but I'm almost equally pleased with the annoyance of the Scousers that he didn't go there. Honesty, RAWK is a gold mine tonight.
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