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  1. 32 minutes ago, Gemmill said:

    Eddie Howe's Scott McTominay >>>>> Erik Ten Hag's Scott McTominay


    True as I reckon that would be, I really don't want either McTominay. Especially for the money being touted, it would be a fucking stupid deal to make.


    He's so fucking ordinary, hasn't got the pedigree of Trippier, or the class or potential of Botman//Bruno (as well as being older than both).


    Big ol' no thanks on that one. We'd be better off raiding the relegated teams for squad players frankly, cause thats all he is capable of being even compared to who we have now, he isn't better than Longstaff.

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  2. Barca are apparently signing Ruben Neves for an absolute bargain, 26 million.


    Should put paid to any rumours of them being in the market for Bruno, now it'll just be Real Madrid, Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool and any other fucker who need a midfielder who will be linked until he signs this new deal.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Alex said:

    ASM’s going to have to play more than two games in a row without picking up another soft tissue injury to be taken seriously though. 


    This is it with ASM for me now, he has completed 90 minutes just five times this season, and four of those were before the world cup.


    His attitude has remained good but if that changes he very quickly becomes not worth it with that record.

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  4. 1 hour ago, strawb said:

    This was the most I’ve kept up with making transfers and subs and stuff ever, still only came third. Some nerds on here.


    Well played everyone 


    Honestly same, giving a shit about the actual football right the way through genuinely helped.


    That and being desperate to keep hold of first 😅

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  5. 1 hour ago, Rayvin said:

    Imagine what his career might have looked like stuck under Steve Bruce man. Would have been difficult to shift as no one would have paid anywhere close to what our outlay was, so could have been stuck here through his 20s having an unproductive, pointless career. And now with just 18 months under Howe, he's made the Brazil team, qualified for the champions league and is probably more than worth the 40m we paid were we to sell him tomorrow.


    Fully deserved. I wonder how many other genuinely brilliant footballers had their careers ruined by useless managers and pointless clubs.


    Makes you think doesn't it? If you asked me two years ago how much dead wood made up our squad I'd have listed a good number of players who have been absolutely brilliant this year.

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    Good timing Robin, have a go now.


    For anyone interested, it was actually giphy that have fucked something here not us or invision, giphy died for anyone not using a custom app key, the defaults all stopped working.

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  6. 4 hours ago, Gemmill said:

    So is he now banned vs Spurs and Man City? Seems a bit unfair to let him punt it into the net for 36 out of 38 games and then let these two off for the last 2.


    Think he's injured and unlikely to play anyway isn't he?

    If thats right and then we're off season it's effectively a 5 month ban. 

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  7. Just now, toonotl said:

    We've been horrible today really. This is the worst team we've played all season. It shouldn't even be close. Refereeing hasn't helped, of course, but we should be used to that.


    Aye we've not been good enough, I dont even feel like they've dragged us down to their level, we just haven't shown enough at all to win.


    That also doesn't excuse the state of this refereeing performance mind you, so many fouls unpunished, Firpo still on the pitch somehow despite two decent shouts for sending him off.

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