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  1. 7 minutes ago, Dr Gloom said:


    he's another one who has stolen a living. underachieved with that golden generation belgium squad. what did he do at club level to get all these top International jobs? portugal have one of the best squads in the tournament 


    Top managers dont want international jobs.

    For the most part he IS the level.

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  2. image.png


    If Southgate doesn't make changes for the next game then hes deliberately throwing away our chances of winning.


    Its nothing to do with having our best players on the pitch its to do with having a cohesive team that can control a game and make chances.


    If you watched that match and thought that we looked good or that Foden is the answer on the left wing you shouldn't be talking about football.


    TAA was dreadful, he shouldn't be starting for England at right back never mind midfield.


    Our left side is a problem, without an overlapping left back, which we don't have since Shaw isn't fit Foden can not start next game there, he doesn't stay wide, he doesn't carry the ball and he doesn't attack his fullback directly.


    IMO we should drop TAA and Foden for the Denmark game, bring in Gallagher or even Wharton for the midfield so that we have a midfield of midfielders.


    Neither are very exciting but they will do what needs to be done and keep possession, let Rice and Bellingham be the spark there.


    Left wing has to be Gordon, he does everything that Foden didn't against Serbia. He stays wide and cuts in late, he drags play up the field and he LOVES getting stuck into a fullback.

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  3. 15 minutes ago, Gemmill said:



    This is the least enthused I've ever felt for an England match in a major tournament. Not sure why. 




    Its cause recent history says we'll do alright.


    But we'll do it really boringly.


    Give glorious failure, glorious success or nothing.


    Dull competence is the least interesting thing possible in something we're watching for entertainment. 

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  4. 9 minutes ago, Kid Dynamite said:

    I used to be buzzing when NUFC players were in the England squad and started games. Don't feel that way about Trippier for some reason? Maybe I'm just middle aged now!


    Im the same and i think its that Trippier was a long established england player before coming here? Im more happy for Gordon earning his caps cause hes done it here.



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  5. 37 minutes ago, Dr Gloom said:

    40m for a bloke with 5 goals last season. we could have given them miggy for half that if that's what they wanted 

    And there are plenty of people who think 15 million for longstaff is fine.

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  6. Thats fine.


    Isak is clear first choice and we're not going to spend significant money on his backup when there are parts of the first 11 that need investment.


    Assuming Hall has made LB his own towards the end of the season and will play more than he did then right wing is where the cash needs to go. 

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  7. 4 hours ago, Gemmill said:

    Sorted Andrew. Next up the x vs twitter issue, seeing as we've got so many lazy cunts who don't respect their fellow posters enough to fix their links before posting them. 


    I think the board software update I have slated for after the euros will handle that.


    If not then i'll go back to the drawing board and see if its fixable some other way 

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  8. 12 minutes ago, Howmanheyman said:


    I used to dream of living in some remote cottage with the Corrs sisters, they'd occasionally have little jamming sessions but it would be gentle in a candlelit living room before I'd retire to bed with whichever one took my fancy that night.  I'd get up to a beautiful day, the sun shining as I looked out of the bedroom window to see green fields and walk down to the smell of a lovely cooked breakfast the sisters had made me. :lol: Now I can't even be arsed to dream that.




    Were you the corrs brother in this scenario? 

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  9. 7 hours ago, PaddockLad said:

    I often get this even before these err “cert/milf” issues, can you explain why please @Andrew?? 


    Off the top of my head no, but we are due for an update to the board software(different to the cert thing) which I’m going to do once I’m back in NZ and there’s no football on as it will be a new process for me and I’m not sure if it’s will take more than a day to do.

  10. Hi all,


    you may see some site cert issues over the next few days. It’s absolutely nothing to worry about but it might make browsing a bit of a pain in the arse. 

    Im away at the moment so I can’t fix it for a few days. Should be back on track by the weekend.

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  11. He'll be off for a mega payday somewhere. 


    10 league goals in his last two seasons while playing for two of the best teams in spain, missing 53 matches in those two seasons with injury.


    Certainly sounda like a LTA player.


    Not a newcastle one though. 



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  12. 4 minutes ago, Alex said:

    Does that ex-pat Everton fan just go on there to make the mackems feel slightly less needy and tragic? He’s like a fucking parody of a parody. I bet there’s a collective groan goes round the every time he walks in his local. 

    We didnt even have a fucking match thread for that one :lol:



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