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  1. He had a bad injury after the euros but if that price is true he's a no brainer, excellent player.
  2. Aye they say 50 million now but theres no chance they get it. Championship, bad finances already, no relegation wage drop clause and only one year left. They can't afford to keep him.
  3. What are you doing back in an office if you're not right?!
  4. We are building my football manager team at this rate
  5. Youre right, but it's because he wasnt an autotmatic pick when fit this season, so he missed more games than he would have before.
  6. I wouldn't say anyone seemed particularly happy about the idea of ASM going, Dougles very good point about rimming Brucey when he left aside. But it would be good for the meltdown
  7. Milan would suit ASM down to the ground. Would be a shame for last season to be his last season here, ending with a whimper so to speak. Him and Wilson are basically responsible for keeping us up the season before we were taken over, which I'll always appreciate him for, but if he doesn't work for the manager now then off he goes.
  8. Fingers crossed he fucks off quietly into the night, the Zlatan "character" has been annoying as fuck for years.
  9. Yep, love Diablo. Will be playing it alongside continuing Tears of the Kingdom which is an absolute masterpiece
  10. True as I reckon that would be, I really don't want either McTominay. Especially for the money being touted, it would be a fucking stupid deal to make. He's so fucking ordinary, hasn't got the pedigree of Trippier, or the class or potential of Botman//Bruno (as well as being older than both). Big ol' no thanks on that one. We'd be better off raiding the relegated teams for squad players frankly, cause thats all he is capable of being even compared to who we have now, he isn't better than Longstaff.
  11. Barca are apparently signing Ruben Neves for an absolute bargain, 26 million. Should put paid to any rumours of them being in the market for Bruno, now it'll just be Real Madrid, Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool and any other fucker who need a midfielder who will be linked until he signs this new deal.
  12. This is it with ASM for me now, he has completed 90 minutes just five times this season, and four of those were before the world cup. His attitude has remained good but if that changes he very quickly becomes not worth it with that record.
  13. Honestly same, giving a shit about the actual football right the way through genuinely helped. That and being desperate to keep hold of first 😅
  14. If you didn't have thirty eight thousand posts I'd be hovering over "flag as spammer" for that
  15. Makes you think doesn't it? If you asked me two years ago how much dead wood made up our squad I'd have listed a good number of players who have been absolutely brilliant this year.
  16. This is a fairly damning assessment of an article published by a colleague by Caulkin. Might as well have just roasted the bloke for the absolute shite he put in the article.
  17. Andrew


    Good timing Robin, have a go now. For anyone interested, it was actually giphy that have fucked something here not us or invision, giphy died for anyone not using a custom app key, the defaults all stopped working.
  18. Its much closer to 59 than it is 58.
  19. That goal meant so much to him, you could see it in the celebrations, at one point he bowed his head down and you could see him shaking as he breathed in. Hes going to rip the shit out of Leicester in Monday.
  20. Leicesters best hope is that Liverpool fuck it up at the weekend and we're in party mode. Given that our midfield is looking light I reckon we go 4231 with Bruno and Miley (or whoever is available) as the midfield two and look to just attack the shit out of them.
  21. Think he's injured and unlikely to play anyway isn't he? If thats right and then we're off season it's effectively a 5 month ban.
  22. Already confirmed that we weren't having a "saudi" sponsor next season wasn't it?
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