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  1. God forbid people have an interest in something and want to talk about it on this website made specifically for people to do just that.
  2. There is a whole article explaining and supporting it tbf https://theathletic.com/3473297/2022/08/10/player-roles-the-athletic/ If i get bored enough at work tomorrow i might do our squad based on it and see.
  3. What the fuck are you talking about?
  4. That is absolutely not what he just said Also he's absolutely right, we might have the benefits of Ashworth and Howes contacts but as far as an established scouting setup that fully work for the club, there is no way that it is extensively staffed or mature considering we're catching up on 14 years of rot.
  5. Can't say so but perhaps I don't frequent the same sites as you do. Bit vanilla for my liking
  6. Its Tranmere, they beat Accy on penalties. Bloke doing the draw fucked it as well and said one then the other.
  7. Did we draw Accrington or Tranmere? Whats-his-face said tranmere then said accrington.
  8. Watching back the extended highlights on the NUFC youtube channel, it's a bit painful how left footed Almiron is, I like him and he always puts a shift in, his runs are good too and Bruno found him well plenty of times but he just can't do anything with his right foot and he's not good enough to get it onto his left and then do something with it when hes near the byline.
  9. The days of lucky match thread starters are over. We're good now! We'll beat literally anyone and it won't be pure luck!
  10. Thats horseshit from Hope tbh, Bruno played several excellent through balls to Almiron that couldve been assists or passes leading to an assist with a different player on the end of them.
  11. Im definitely in as good a position as ill manage all season
  12. Christ, over the next few pages there is one person who points out that any of those ratings are off and its just that Bruno and whoever their bloke is were probably not on par. Trippier has won La Liga and finished runner up in the champions league and in the Euros with england, but their lads a wales international so they're on par And people say our fanbase is deluded.
  13. I did think while I was watching the highlights that I should ask the matchgoers this, when this happens what are Howe and Tindall doing? Are they going off their nut at him on the sidelines telling him to start tracking back? If they're not then it might be time to let it go and just assume he's not expected to do it, considering how much we use him as an out ball it could well be that his instructions are to stay forward and be an option when we do win the ball back.
  14. Watching MOTD I am absolutely stunned that Leeds didnt get a penalty for Wolves keeper smashing one of their players midair well after that ball was gone.
  15. To clear something up without actually really clearing it up, MF hasn't stopped anyone from doing anything.
  16. Totally agree with that, almiroms earnt that spot through preseason.
  17. Not sure when this was done but there was a point where theyd lost their sugar daddy, were about to lose practically every senior defender at the club and were saddled with a £100m flop with a terrible attitude that they couldnt shift. As far as their current standards go they looked in quite bad shape.
  18. Incredible player, possibly the Ballon d'or winner that people (in the UK at least) wouldn't have seen loads of due to football coverage at the time? Football Italia had gone to eurosport, CL coverage was sparser and the internet hadn't made us aware of every little thing going on yet.
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