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  1. Entire Juventus board has resigned. Along with Man U and Liverpool going up for sale are we seeing the eventual effects of the super league not happening? Where these supposedly elite clubs can't afford to keep going the way they have driven the game unless the money split massively favours them over everyone else to an even greater degree than it already does.
  2. Click here to vote, or sign up to become a patron! Hi everyone! Myself and the team would like extend our gratitude to everyone who keeps the board running, not only members but our Patreon members who help fund the board. Much like the custodians before us we run Toontastic as a none profit organisation. We're a wonderful community, we've been around for nearly two decades and it's a project I'm privileged & proud to be part of. I'm sure the rest of the dictatorship will agree! Earlier in the year we donated a significant amount of surplus Patreon funds to both Red Cross Ukraine & Red Cross Yemen. This slightly deviated from our original plan to have an annual vote on a charity to send the funds to but needs must! We have taken your suggestions on the board over the last few weeks for charities that mean a lot to you, and now it is time for the vote! We will confirm the final amount to be donated once the poll ends, but at the moment it looks to be in the region of £500.
  3. By that logic there are what? 11 world class players at any one time? In which case practically no team has any world class players
  4. Gimme gimme gimme still playing in the stadium after kickoff
  5. What....do you think xG is trying to prove?
  6. Was mcguire on wheb trippier took the armband the other day?
  7. If he can't get an elite club he'll go back to Sporting, they'll be good for a CL qualification most likely even if they won't make it much further than group stage he'll still be able to keep adding to his tally.
  8. Mabil isn't a hard name to pronounce, why can't pearce get it right?
  9. Honestly I just saw the thread and thought "ah spammer, time to get rid" but this might actually be too good to just bin.
  10. Couple of matches left to be played but I am confident that I’ll be Comfortably top at Christmas
  11. There is no extra time, if its a draw at 90 mins its straight to pens
  12. Its fucking nonsense isn't it? 5 of the 8 games tonight are all PL matches and the others involve second tier teams playing PL teams and they're not viewable anywhere?!
  13. Is that through the bbc site or the nufc one? I have it here through NUFC.co.uk, its hilariously bullshit if you can't in england
  14. Of course we play a game at a time I can watch and its not on TV anywhere in the world
  15. Ah now I'll watch as much of it as I can, love a world cup. What I won't do is /pay/ for any of it.
  16. Aye but you're in sydney, you're two or three hours behind me. If our lunchtime games were at 9 or 10pm I'd be all over them. I do typically watch our latest kickoffs since they're 7 or 8am but the afternoon games are not viable for me.
  17. Mostly us playing at 2 or 3am. I /could/ watch games after the fact but its practically impossible for me to get the two hours+ to find, download and then watch a full match first thing which means I go on here or twitter etc and know the result. So I tend to watch highlights.
  18. Its rare these days that there will be debutants in big tournament squads, given his form over the last 12 months its odd that he hasn't even had a call up but this isn't surprising with that in mind.
  19. I'm only able to catch up with higlights for most games so I'm possibly missing something but whats happening with Burn playing left back rather than Targett? Our results have been excellent obviously and you can't complain that Targett being out of the side is costing us but he is our only full time left back. If hes being kept out of the side by Burn should we be looking to add a trippier level (big ask) upgrade at LB?
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