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  1. You don't want to be buying British Vogue...thats all.
  2. Continuing to go nowhere near the "What are you listening to thread" this came out over the weekend and is excellent.
  3. Bruno Fernandes has now scored 20 penalties for Man u. He's been there 15 months. You have to go back 5 years for us to have been given that many.
  4. Giggs has to be on there, hes a real proper cunt that bloke. Deeney.
  5. Just caught up on the highlights, can't believe what I've seen. Joelinton struck a shot without scuffing it.
  6. This is such a regularly repeating pattern with us that it baffles me that ashley has managed to be successful elsewhere in business. He wastes fortunes on shite, overpays on players when he does buy them, overpays on contracts that are far too long and leave deadwood hanging around picking up thousands a week, and now bruce. For a club run on the cheap, we spend fucking loads.
  7. Scafell Pike isn't too bad if memory serves, I remember if being a bit boring? Always preferred Helvellyns views and track going up from Wythburn church.
  8. Really sorry to hear Tom, hope you're doing ok.
  9. My dad did that when I was a kid, went on a load of the prep/training walks with him, of which I have very fond memories. Is there a particular cause you're supporting?
  10. So as Tom has already seen I now own some drums too! @Ayatollah Hermione Youre the only drummer I know of on here, any advice on finding learning resources and that?
  11. I still have it, its brilliant. Ive upgraded the pickups to some dimarzio illuminators but the original ones were pwrfectly good really, it plays so well. I cant recommend them enough.
  12. Thats awful Renton, sorry for your loss.
  13. Judging by my youtube feed I would say that the video embargo on the Fender Acoustasonic Jazzmaster has lifted today. I've played one of the Teles and actually really liked it tbf, they're weird but good.
  14. EQD do make some absolute bangers mind you, the plumes and dispatch master are both fantastic.
  15. Lets see what @Blastronaut triggers I can hit with this. Board is fairly simple, currently a CKK Royal Fuzz (borrowed from a friend and being replaced with the precision drive if I win the auction), Nux Steel Singer into the front of the Sheriff/Kraken, Kraken is now off the board and can stay with the amp instead, Behringer vintage delay and Keeley Caverns in the loop, two footswitches on the end to control the Sheriff and Kraken, underneath providing power is a T.Rex Fuel Tank Junior.
  16. I buy all of my guitars based on looks tbh.
  17. I love this trope, footballs the absolute worst for it. Someone a acts like a twat? Theyre not a real /thing that associates them with me/ know them personally and theyre alright? Make excuses and call them a proper football man instead.
  18. I hate the matte emg look. The black chrome that comes on the hetfield signature set however is
  19. They don't! They have 8 I think to our 11
  20. i do like getting the queens birthday public hol though, she’s done more for me in NZ than she ever did in the UK by that measure.
  21. Nah, not to start with anyway, I'm a simple man when it comes to effects, not a ton of tremolo in metal which is most of what I play. Kraken is the main presence on the board, couple of different drives before it and some delay/reverb going off to the loop and I'm golden.
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