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  1. Politics

  2. General Random Conversation..

    And for the record, at 6 foot 2 and living a hefty long haul flight away from home. Recline every time, never had a problem with the person in front of me doing it and I'm definitely not going a 30 hour flight without tilting back to sleep.
  3. General Random Conversation..

    Cheers not quite but "yeah nah" and "yis" have slipped through.
  4. Europe --- In or Out

    I don't know what's worse at the moment, J69 vs quiff and that other bloke all over the football Forum or or Rayvin vs maths in here.
  5. Europe --- In or Out

    Yes. Because there won't be.
  6. 11 for me, a few where I got to a 50/50 shot between two and got all of those ones wrong
  7. Has he actually been banned? The source all these tweets are basing this on is a satire website.
  8. Newcastle United you've got to laugh.
  9. Well yeah but that doesn't mean that him doing something decent should be ignored. Goal and and assist for his work tonight (I think, can't remember if his touch back went to someone else before longstaff) which is not bad.
  10. He "won" the ball and touched back toward longstaff for his goal tbf.
  11. Change of emphasis needed at half time now that we don't have a centre forward on the pitch. Playing out to the wingback wide for them to cross isn't going to do anything at all.
  12. Their midfield is soft as shite, getting physically bullied by Miguel Almiron of all people.
  13. Good run and a lovely finish from him, clearly not happy afterwards with the knock he took earlier. ah actually...he scuffed the finish into the ground... they all count the same I suppose.
  14. How is it that we are playing 3 CBs and wingbacks and we end up with 1 defender in the box against 2 or 3 oxford attackers?!
  15. Lovely finish from Longstaff, Almiron did brilliantly in the buildup getting up field with the ball. my streams slightly behind...Fuck me joelinton
  16. Daniel Rose

    oh I absolutely agree with you, now that we've picked up players in positions we need I assume that most of our centre backs are going to get the coronavirus and we'll simultaneously lose our strong defence and main goalscoring threat.
  17. Daniel Rose

    All three of our signings this month are to some extent, other than not signing a striker we've had a weirdly sensible window.
  18. Daniel Rose

    Aye, it seems like he wants to be here and hes proven a good player when hes happy, which he hasn't been at spurs for a while. Hes hit far higher heights than Willems has in his career so far, if he can get match fit and playing soon he'll be an excellent signing.
  19. Edwards knows nothing, exposed himself badly when Rafa left and Bruce came in talking complete bollocks about the club.
  20. Yes Gemmill...

    One of his daughters was aboard, not all four.
  21. I get you, I'm sure it'll resolve itself in most minds though. At the end of the day we all hate Mike Ashley on a particularly intimate level but it'll still raise a smile for most when we win a game. If anything, getting bought out and having the money thrown at us leading to success on the pitch and superstars in the team wouldn't be very "Newcastle" if there wasn't some sort of grubby self-loathing to make it feel not quite as good going on.

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