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  1. Aye its quite funny, I liked Josh anyway but when he revealed that he'd been using a Kemper rather than a "real" amp for about a year on his videos and no one had noticed my respect for the trolling he is capable of skyrocketed
  2. Sherwood funnily enough is about the same age as Klopp and Guardiola and had the spurs job handed to him on a plate when he was the same age Eddie Howe is now. He's not particularly old, its not like hes a Hodgson or Allardyce coming out with this shite after his day has passed. Its all projection, he failed miserably as a manager precisely because he held these sorts of opinions and it just doesn't work in modern football and rather than admit that to himself or anyone else he gets a spot on talksport to trot it out.
  3. That is from a shoot alongside and interview with Wilson for "Penalty" whoever they are, by the way. Not some sort of teaser from the club.
  4. Good old Tim Sherwood making some GREAT points here, the man really knows about his football, just look at his fantastic managerial record and interesting and insightful punditry! ...right?
  5. Thats it?! Wyki man...are you ok?
  6. That appraisal of the caverns is bang on, the delay has a charm but its not versatile enough for me and my ever changing whims. I do like the reverb though.
  7. Ah you might be right, from when it was first announced! Well, it sounds good! I haven't really been using my board much recently so I reset the whole thing today, Precision Drive into Kraken into Keeley Caverns works very nicely. Need to do some dialling in because it is a LOUD pedal, in volume not noise. Think the Caverns will be the next thing I look to replace in that chain, I'd like something a bit simpler to have as "always on" reverb though a bit of messing with the Katana tone studio will probably find that in the amp for me.
  8. He's saying things I like though tbf, I'd vote for him.
  9. Go on then @Blastronaut
  10. He'll be off to the warm weather camp I'm sure. No point him joining england at this stage of the season, hes not getting a serious look in anyway.
  11. Aye you're right about that. I don't know what to make of Southgate honestly, he seems to be so deeply boring, uninspiring and constantly picks his favourites over form, doesn't integrate players who deserve to be in the team over his besties. The appearances that the likes of Tomori and Pope have had under him are a total joke considering they're playing far far better than their counterparts who are mainstays in his team. They get no chance to establish themselves, one game here or there which is shite for a 'keeper or defender who benefit from getting to know who they are playing with and then they go straight back out for pickford or harry fucking maguire.
  12. If you even accept that pickford is top class with his feet (which I don't), how many times has that come to englands real tangible benefit compared to the goals conceded due to the fact that hes not actually a particularly good shot stopper compared to the other options around?
  13. I havent had any issues (chrome in ios and android) But Ill look into it this week and see if theres anything I can do
  14. "heartbreak at the death for nottingham forest" Get fucked you fucking cunts, should NEVER have been in with a hope to begin with.
  15. The ball is played by two notts forest players before he touches the ball, what the fuck is this rule?
  16. No, my twitter is full of people who have just worked with him in absolute shock.
  17. This is a fucking joke, if a player can be booked for diving surely VAR should be suggesting that Lodi be booked in the next break in play? He literally had three attempts at handling that
  18. Oh dear Sven, that might be his first real mistake all season and it puts us 1 down.
  19. Card finally comes out and its for a foul that possibly shouldnt even have been given
  20. Refs given that foul by Schar there just because too much was happening, that was not a foul at all.
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