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  1. You are actually just a sitcom character arent you?
  2. Cant imagine ineos owned Nice wanting to play nice with us on transfers tbh.
  3. Well, one of the biggest tech outages ever is happening so theres bound to be some oddities
  4. Khephren Thuram, who was being touted to us and Liverpool last summer/January for around 60 million has gone to Juve for just 20 million euros.
  5. Aye, and thanks to us having a real commercial team nowadays I could actually buy some of it out here!
  6. Looks like some more preliminary work is going to be needed before I put this through. As you were gentlemen.
  7. Andrew

    Eddie Howe

    Given that he was at Spurs when they appointed Vilas Boas, Sherwood and eventually Poch(though eales left a few months after that one) I would say I hope not. Mitchells the one to look out for. I'd be shocked if either were stupid enough to let Howe go unless we're doing really shit though.
  8. Andrew

    Eddie Howe

    I'll be shocked if Howe goes for several reasons. He's on the up as a club manager and is at a club with tons of ambition and (rules aside) resources to keep growing. In his sit down interview with Neville you can tell that he slots into that "football perv" niche that the top managers do, he fucking LOVES it, training, planning all of it. He'd miss it if he stepped into the international job. It takes a while for players to settle into Howes way of playing and training. Bruno took a while to get into the starting line up, Gordon has said he was not at the level needed physically or tactically when he joined us, hence needing 6 months to really get into the side at all. You don't get to do that with international players. Given how the club were with Man U and Ashworth, and the fact that Howe signed a contract extension last summer, we'll want a fucking fortune for him. The only thing I could think of that might tempt him, is that he would be getting the job right at the start of a tournament cycle, with a really talented group of players and he may back himself to go to the World Cup with them and actually win it.
  9. Andrew

    Eddie Howe

    I don't mind the idea of it being Carsley tbh, won the U21 Euros last summer with Gordon getting player of the tournament. De la Fuente just came up through the age ranks at Spain and won the Euros.
  10. Not your best chair Tom, but the alpacas good!
  11. I want a manager that has an apparent plan for the players we have. Southgate had a plan for a while, but when he had to pick a different squad as time moved on he just seemed to give up on having one at all. That Kalvin Phillips quote is it in a nutshell. I dont care enough about the england team to watch "results are all that matters" football, I gave up on this euros by slovakia. When you can get the same entertainment from checking the result after the match is over that you can from watching it whats the point?
  12. For the price touted I'd prefer us to be in for Chiesa.
  13. I don't really agree, I think a reminder of the kind of people who DO follow football, go to games and think like this is necessary once in a while. I leave it to the discretion of the posters though.
  14. That may be down to old Elon more than me.
  15. Hello everyone, The time has come for the board to get a long overdue software update. It'll be the first since I picked up the keys to the place so I am not 100% on the process and don't know how long it will take. I am hoping that it will be largely unnoticed for most of you as I'll be starting it on my Thursday morning (I am 11 hours ahead of the UK currently) and will ideally be done before you call come back on line. If there are any delays that may lead to the board being down longer I will post them here; https://reddit.com/r/Toontastic_NUFC/ One thing that may well be impacted by the update is Themes, it looks as though we use ones from a readily available source, but you may notice some differences once we're back up and running as they'll all likely need updating too. Cheers!
  16. Went behind in every knockout game and had to make changes to claw back a result, followed by starting the same fucking players all over again, every single time. Gordon, Palmer and Watkins ought to be furious at the lack of opportunity they were afforded given their efforts in their time on the pitch. Hoping to see the back of Southgate now, his tournament record is unquestionably very good, but this euros has been fucking dreadful to watch. He is very clearly out of ideas now that his first crop are aging out, he doesn't know how to integrate the new players in properly unless he's absolutely forced to.
  17. And now the Deputy PM is saying "JK Rowling supports trans rights" because thats what JK Rowling has told her Nah, fuck off. (Not you KD, but the Labour position on this in general)
  18. In being mad about thiz I haven't found a credible source that says puberty blockers are irreversible. Not saying there isnt one and if you have one Id like to see it. I agree there is a difference between a nanny state and a responsible state. A responsible state wouldnt be basing this sort of policy decision on a tory reading of the Cass review and would be including both transgender healthcare providers and the trans community in its consultations. The tories pursued this as part of the right wing playbook found all over the place at the moment, and Im really disappointed in labour doing the same.
  19. Its based on the Cass review as far as I know, which I think Ive posted about before but has been pushed back on by a lot of trans rights groups for bias, faulty logic and excluding trans healthcare providers and experts from its "comprehensive review" of trans healthcare. https://www.thenational.scot/news/24425388.cass-review-contains-serious-flaws-according-yale-law-school/
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