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  1. Mr Potato Heeds Lads v The Wilder the Better

    Sheff United twitter is in meltdown and it is hilarious. We've managed a few good results over the last couple of years by playing like this and the post game is always fun
  2. Mr Potato Heeds Lads v The Wilder the Better

    He has limited options to be fair. The system was working and needed fresh legs.
  3. VAR... really??

    Where's your Danny Baker now eh?!
  4. Mr Potato Heeds Lads v The Wilder the Better

    He's completely bereft of...well anything as far as I can see. Its like he doesn't know how to be a footballer.
  5. Mr Potato Heeds Lads v The Wilder the Better

    I've heard loads this season about Sheffield United playing with overlapping centre backs and what have you. I didn't realise they played without a goalkeeper as well.
  6. Mr Potato Heeds Lads v The Wilder the Better

    Play to the whistle you fucking nerds
  7. Mr Potato Heeds Lads v The Wilder the Better

    I don't really see what the foul is there?
  8. Mr Potato Heeds Lads v The Wilder the Better

    Saint Max! We do not deserve that
  9. Other games 2019/2020

    Dele alli has scored a beauty against man u. https://streamable.com/aq9w3 That first touch is incredible
  10. General Random Conversation..

    "its a man actually, derek" is my pick of that list.
  11. Football Manager 2018

    Any chance you could post up that tactic? I'm struggling but it feels more like ME stuff than tactical. The fact most games see me with 60% of the ball and taking 20-odd shots but every highlight involving some utterly mental decision making from players not passing when they should, shooting when they shouldn't or Dubravka losing his mind and gifting goals to the opposition is making this...mostly not fun for me so far, I think I'm playing out of spite.
  12. Football Manager 2018

    Well, FM20 is out and isn't very good. I mean, it's still FM and all that but the match engine this year, whatever they've changed, is awful. 1 on 1s are not chances to score, neither are penalties. Wingers don't cross, they either shoot from insane angles into the side netting or do nothing when they get to a position, literally just standing there til they get tackled. On my save the "club vision" has bugged somehow making it largely impossible to hold onto my job as the board want me to finish in two different league positions. If you've not bought it yet I'd wait for a few patches before taking the plunge.
  13. Start An Argument In Four Words.

    I miss leazes mag
  14. Bale speaks perfect Spanish, he just doesn't speak much in general and is quiet in the dressing room according to Alvaro Odriozola. I also don't see whats particularly wrong about a top level pro athlete having a schedule and sticking to it, going to bed at 11pm isn't exactly outrageous, Toni Kroos didn't go to that dinner either. I honestly don't get the hate here, people just regurgitating sun level "outrage" about a bloke.
  15. Perhaps, but hes been given very little respect by Real Madrid and their fans since they signed him, and particularly in the last couple of years.
  16. Yeah, but he's taking the piss out of Real Madrid. Which is fine. It's their own fault he's still on their books anyway.
  17. The Guitar Thread

    Have fun.
  18. The Guitar Thread

    It is indeed! ex-demo and therefore so inexpensive that it cost me a few hundred quid less to buy it, ship it here and pay the import on it than to buy one new in NZ. Cheers I don't post much on there, its entirely guitars and pictures of my wife. As for the guitars, early signs were a bit shite tbh, I got it out of the box and a string immediately popped out of the tuner which had not chance of getting back in, and of course I had no spares. Quick trip to the nearest shop before they closed, restring and the setup was terrible buzzing on every string for the first 5 frets or so. I was concerned. Bit of setting up to get it going (Its still not perfect, needs a truss rod tweak and some more adjustments) and my worries fell away. Frets are massive, ebony fret board is super smooth, neck is big but "modern" profiled, there is plenty of girth there but it has a nice flat feeling back, not too round or too thin. Locking tuners are great, restring took no time at all. The EMGs are Hetfields signature set, which is nice, no lower cost gubbins like some of the secondary brand guitars can have. I tried one in a shop when I went up to Auckland a month or so ago and loved the feel of it but it sounded like shit, which I suspected was due to the Orange crush something-or-other they plugged me into. I was right. The Kraken and this get on incredibly well, my modified Squier with the dimarzios sounds great through that setup but this has just got so much power in it. Surprisingly I can go from full high gain chug on the bridge pickup to a rolled back (two volume controls, no tone) neck pickup and it actually cleans up staggeringly well, I wasn't expecting quite such a range from these based on my experience of active EMGs before, I was expecting all grunt all the way until the volume went off. Its good.
  19. Oh it is definitely a turd
  20. The Guitar Thread

    New day, new seating for Tom to enjoy!
  21. The Guitar Thread

    Just made a slightly silly order from GuitarGuitar which their quite ambitious shipping estimator reckons will be in New Zealand on Friday. So I guess we'll see
  22. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    To give credit where its due our form has really improved since Steve Bruce admitted his own tactics didn't work and that he'd have to revert back to Benitezs style of play. 10 points from 15 available since then where prior to that we'd managed 5 from 21 including getting smashed by Leicester, losing to the team currently rooted to the foot of the table and been knocked out of the cup.
  23. Other games 2019/2020

    Its definitely VAR thats done it, not total footballing apathy KD is right anyway, VAR at the world cup and in europe is doing fine, the PL (initials a coincidence? I think NOT!) have implemented it in a nonsensical way.

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