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  1. Other clubs summer transfer activity thread

    Yeah but, it's Barca. I'm sure he would be happy to go in net
  2. Season Ticket Renewal

    Just rang them up, my renewal is supposed to be £597, however i mentioned that i'm a student and I'll be getting the tidy price of £483
  3. Euro 2012 Fantasy League

    Not a blueprint for success. Will make my fantasy career a little easier, however.
  4. Euro 2012 Fantasy League

    lloris mathijsen terry pique abate modic marchisio iniesta cabaye ronaldo robben 2m still to spend!
  5. FIFA 12

    I got an IF dempsey as well, he's an awesome finisher ! Had a nightmare though bought a pack, said transaction was unsuccessful, I thought alright let me try again, IT CHARGED ME FOR THE PACK!!!!
  6. FIFA 12

    Sell him! Word on the FUT street is that he's going for 170k now but in two weeks the price will drop to 120k SELL SELL SELL !
  7. Official Toontastic Prediction Tracker

    Man city will offer tevez + Adam Johnson + 10mil for papiss cisse !
  8. Football Draft

    Sounds good! I'm interested!
  9. FIFA 12

    http://www.ea.com/uk/football/fifa-ultimate-team/show-off#jmYX9iXgbdlR3 Started out as PL team but slowly changing to a La Liga squad. Really want 84 Ben Arfa!!
  10. Other games

    If chelsea win this, the final will be an extra fixture. Could benefit us
  11. Other games

    off the line from that corner!! why wasn't that given!?!?! good game though
  12. NUFC summer transfer activity thread

    Does anybody else think that the centre mid position suits Jonas nicely?
  13. NUFC summer transfer activity thread

    We'll see if we can keep a hold of him after the Euro's, England's next right back you know!
  14. No, apologies for the etc. I just cbb to list them all, however, they share a common theme being perhaps more male orientated If you want I can list them all? thanks
  15. The No. 10.

    Pathetic!! good little dribbler? No need for that from Redknapp, that 'good little dribbler' will see spurs in the EL next season!
  16. Hello guys, thought i'd come on here and finally be part of the community! I visit nearly every day seeing you're opinions and thought it was time I shared mine!!! Real Name: Phillip Age:20 Birthplace: North Shields Whereabouts: Whitley Bay Job: Student/ Junior Site Engineer Favourite Club: (if Not Newcastle) Favourite Band: Coldplay, Favourite artist - Kanye West Favourite Food: Steak Favourite Drink: Gin Favourite Place: France Favourite Tv Show(s): Top Gear, Motd, Homeland etc Favourite Film: In Bruges Footballing Heroes: Nolberto Solano, Alan Shearer Footballing Villains: Lee Cattermole Other Teams: Whitley Bay FC Other Sports: Basketball Role Model(s): - Plans For The Future: Finish my degree, see the world/start working 5 Things To Do Before You Die: Visit all the Continents, Start my own business, see Newcastle win something, buy a house abroad and buy a bar!!

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