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  1. 30 minutes ago, toonotl said:

    It's the authentic romanticism of those from the southern Mediterranean that Fish lacks. The passionate description of Trippier's essence captured perfectly from la Diego without a single statistic in sight. Such qualitative understanding combined with perfect quantitative accuracy should be impossible; unbeliebable. And yet! Regardless of Fish's annual bourgeoise weekend in the Portuguese sun sipping on some concoction of fruit juice bullshit it is no substitute for the real thing. Diego lives everyday what Fish can never understand. Respect!


    A masterpiece of a post :lol: 

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  2. 4 hours ago, Gemmill said:

    Rod "The Rod" Liddle has been marginally more open about his racism on a football forum.



    The stuff posted there is absolutely disgusting. It's not just racism, it's bordering onto BNP style Nazi views, by his own damn admission. And this is public knowledge? And the Spectator still employ him? Like fuck was he hacked.

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  3. 36 minutes ago, Gemmill said:

    Aye who knew we all play the same teams over the course of a season. An absolute revelation. :razz:



    True but there's a psychological component to it. If we're completely cut adrift up to the tune of 10 or 12 points by the time we're mid-January, one would think it's a lot harder to keep the players motivated and pushing, along with the fans of course. And new signings potentially - conversation changes from "yeah we're in the relegation zone but there's only a handful of points in it and we're strengthening in key areas, with you on board as well we'll be fine" to "aye we're fucked but you won't get a pay cut for next year in the championship".

  4. Aye but us going down looks a lot more on the cards than Everton going down.


    And don't worry, everyone will be back to crying in a few weeks I expect :lol: I feel better about it after doing that results predictor thing though, as bad as our run is it's not a lot better for the others.


  5. 39 minutes ago, Meenzer said:


    I've never seen the point of buying individual books, I just wait for the anthology.


    You'd be waiting a long fucking time given the speed of this industry :lol: 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Monkeys Fist said:

    Aren’t books just a pointless waste of resources, though, now that we’ve got the interweb electronical books? 





    While I appreciate the sentiment, publishing is currently up to its eyeballs in ebooks and AI assisted workflows ;)  At least in academia which is my focus area anyway.


    You are quite right though, touché indeed.

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  7. In fairness, if I'm representative of publishing as an industry he's 100% right.


    I'm yet to meet a Brexiteer publisher and if his book had been submitted to me it would have been right in the bin on principle.

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  8. Just having a browse through RTG and the usual fighting is going on between people who are outraged at where the club is, and those who just don't want to hear it. The thing that it got me thinking about was just how similar all 4 of their seasons in L1 have been - iirc they've always been in positions 3-6, always with a game or two in hand that would potentially put them in the automatic slots, and always somehow incapable of capitalising on it.


    They've had multiple different managers who have all more or less achieved the same outcome. Maybe it's just not going to happen. I mean if they did go up, on this evidence they'd be struggling at the bottom of the championship. I'm not totally sure of how much overlap there is between lower champ and upper L1, but I'm assuming it's not more than a couple of teams either way.


    Eventually you would think they won't be able to sustain the current placing in L1 - and it that happens and they sink to midtable, how long before they build the next team that's going to be capable of pushing out? And how long then in the championship recalibrating, consolidating, and pushing up? They could be out of the top flight for 20 years based on how this is going, it's incredible.

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  9. 3 minutes ago, Howay said:

    If these results all hold it’s been a great weekend for us. Think Leeds have a rough run of fixtures coming as well. 

    Just checked and aye Leeds play all of the top 3 away from home this month :lol: 


    They do, but then in January they've got Burnley and Villa at home, which could be a fairly routine 4 points, maybe 6.

  10. Kinda bored so I just used one of those table predictor things to see how December will look based on at least what I think some of the results will be. I have us bottom of the league on 11 points by mid-Jan which is the earliest we can probably expect transfers to come in. 4 points behind 17th and a further 4 points behind 16th. So IMO it becomes a 4 way fight between ourselves, Norwich, Burnley and Watford. While it remains a 4 way deal, I think it's possible we survive. Only 4 points back by mid-Jan wouldn't be too bad - and I've pretty much assumed the worst throughout, I mean we may well shithouse a point or 3 here and there anyway.


    EDIT - a better way of looking at it perhaps might be that if we get a single win between now and mid-January, I don't think we'll go down :lol: 

  11. 2 minutes ago, Howay said:


    My real point here was more don’t take any messages of low ambition from these journalists. They’re speaking completely out of turn and know fucking nothing - as clearly seen by Law getting an absolute smack down from Mehrdad likely brought on by yet another senseless and snidey insult made by Law about Amanda (funny that Telegraph writers seem to have it in for her).


    All fair, this in particular I'll agree with vehemently.

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  12. 24 minutes ago, Howay said:

    Why diversify into what would be a purely loss maker? They’ve sunk £1.3B into it already which they’re likely never recouping, I can’t see it being any benefit investment wise even tight arse Ashley made maybe £200m profit maybe total? Between the gain on sale and his bleeding of the club through loan repayments, not sure how that would ever be worth their time. The only way it would ever be a relevant asset in that manner would be to turn us into a Man City type club - but even then who the fuck out there is paying £3B to buy a football club. 

    We won’t know until years down the line but like we’ve seen in my post above the whole Emenalo link was total bullshit by Law (seems like the Telegraph writers in general are a waste of time now btw), who was using it to further his little agenda of spinning the new owners as having low ambitions. Again I’m not claiming to be some massive ITK but I know for a fact the links to Trippier and Sule are genuine and there have been talks with both to bring them in for January - whether that happens is one thing but to me it’s a far greater indicator of their ambitions than idiots like Law embarrassing themselves. He didn’t count on the new owners being willing to call him out in Twitter did he :lol: 


    Could it not be a relevant asset in terms of advertising for other parts of the portfolio? i.e. the same thing Ashley was doing.


    I'm just saying I'm wary of getting carried away until we've seen them walk the walk. Granted it's far too early to expect them to have done that so far, but on the other hand it's far too early to assume we'll be a superclub, especially since they haven't outright said it (and yes, I do appreciate your suggested reasons on why they could have done that, but while that stance would indeed be sensible, it doesn't prove anything).


    I would be very encouraged by the signings you've mentioned there. Equally though, I wouldn't write the superclub vision off even if we did hardly anything in January and went down. We just don't know what this will look like in the end.

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  13. 11 minutes ago, Howay said:

    I don’t really see Saudi Arabia investing in a club that competes in the same league as a club owned by the UAE and be content with it being a shit mid table side while the UAE owned side dominates. Same goes with owning one on the same continent as a Qatari club. It just wouldn’t make any sense to me, what would be in it for them to turn us into a steady mid table side? It’s basically cost them £1.3B to buy us if you factor in the payment to settle the BeOut issue, so they’re never making a profit (especially if we are just destined to be a mid table side). 

    I know the media are licking their chops at any sign/mention of a lack of ambition from the owners, and constantly spinning any player linked/any imagined link that ‘turns Newcastle down’ as evidence the owners have some weird ambition of buying a football club to watch it stagnate in mid table. As Gemmill says the only things the owners have said about the matter are discussions about competing at that level/challenging for titles, they can’t exactly come out and say we are going to spend £5b on players and be the best side in the footballing world as the reaction from the other clubs would be even larger as they try anything to stop it, better to play their cards closer to their chests. 


    I would have agreed a few weeks back but I'm now starting to wonder if this is a lot less about sportwashing and a lot more about PIF diversifying its holdings. If it's the latter then who knows what their angle is longer term - but given how things have gone so far I actually believe it's quite possible that they didn't really give due consideration to how much work would be required of them to turn us into a competitive club. The fact that they've come in with no one on board who is really abreast of the football side of things continues to bother me on this front. The fact that we're kind of making it up as we go along doesn't suggest 'future global heavyweight'.


    I do want to make clear that if they turn us into a vaguely competitive club that stands a chance of winning literally any trophy in my lifetime, I'll be more than happy, Delighted even. But I'm going to stop assuming that we're going to be a superclub until we actually start looking like one. Until the money is spent and the plans firm up, I'm reserving judgment.

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