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  1. I think we've missed our main targets in this respect and we're now looking for a reasonable cover option for a bit of depth. This means our main problem of linking up in the final third doesn't get resolved this window. Honestly I think that's fine. Get the cover in, we're more than good enough to get top ten - hold what we've got and go again in January or next summer. 5-10 years we were told to actually win the thing, we don't need to be in Europe on year 1.
  2. I understand where this thinking is coming from tbh but I also think it's fair to say that the owners and management team at the club have done more scenario planning, strategic thinking, player expectation alignment and general management of the situation and likely outcomes for the season than most of our fans have probably ever done over anything in their entire lives. Do we think they are incompetent, or competent? If it's the latter, then we have to trust that they have weighed what you have just said already, and are operating in the club's best interests across the balance of that situation. If it's the former, then you're right to mention it but honestly we have bigger problems than just who signs...
  3. IMO his game wasn't as bad as people might think - the temptation is to think he was passing to no one a few times because... I mean he was. But 3 separate occasions in there, he carried the ball into the box and passed to midbox where a theoretical onrushing midfielder might be, and no one was there. Now, yes, maybe he should put his head up and check for that. But equally, if someone had made that run all three times I'm pretty sure we would have gotten something from it. Starting to think he relies on where he thinks people should be, more than where they are.
  4. Yep, take that for sure. Clean sheet suggests we're getting things right in that department, just need to fix the disconnect in the final third. Which, tbf, is squarely what the club are focused on.
  5. Wood and Longstaff as coached and developed by Howe though, in his systems. We don't have superstar depth yet, fair enough, but that can't be news to you just off the back of this teamsheet man
  6. The bench has options for left back though so Howe hasn't been forced into selecting Burn here, he's chosen it. We should take some comfort from that IMO.
  7. If it's not already an incredibly impressive marketing stunt, they should fucking hire whoever is behind toonpolls
  8. WTF. Some account called ToonPolls is behind it and... has somehow persuaded several large international companies to tweet his name?? Why
  9. I will always appreciate that phrase
  10. Fucking hell man The word 'cringe' is currently an internet slang term for 'uncool' or 'lame' and in this case fully captures, across all meanings, Pearson's persona. At this rate it'll not be long before someone 'yeets' him into the sea.
  11. Reading that has literally cheered my whole day up Renton, just seeing you bounce back to some positivity after all that shit. It didn't kill you, so it will make you stronger. Good luck with all of it.
  12. I assume there's an intermediate step where it travels from Lyon to Newcastle, why is that not the one to focus on? Or is that one off the radar?
  13. I think this should be a question on the next leadership debate.
  14. Nice to see YouGov asking the important questions there. That's caused a storm in the twitter comments mind you, people really trying to justify that it has two holes. One person even noting that it's two holes connected together Surely at that point you could also say it's a million holes connected together?
  15. Thank you for clarifying this because I read this tweet and assumed I must have been phrasing it incorrectly my whole life, and had intended to change to this version
  16. It really does feel as if Johnson is operating entirely on the basis of pure spite at this point. Wouldn't surprise me at all if he's sat around in number 10 on the playstation all day.
  17. While I fully respect the what you're saying here in many senses, I do wish to note that in my sad existence, obsessing over data and excel sheets is actually pretty fun. So yeah, I don't need to do it, none of us need to do it, but some of us just find it kinda enjoyable I occasionally run up excel for hobbies tbh...
  18. Yeah I can see that argument, I think I was viewing xG more as a kind of running tally of goals they scored versus goals they should have scored, all built into a single data point. Thus a lower value would be reflective of inefficiency. As I said, I've not looked at this properly ever so that's my fault, confusion is on me. I think with my logic it was the idea that 0 would be total inefficiency and 1 would be total efficiency, and the specific number placed itself somewhere between those two values. Based on what you've outlined, I now understand - and then yes, your logic holds around interpreting it. Either way, still a useful metric.
  19. So do I have it the wrong way round then? My understanding of xG is that it tracks goals you would expect to see from the position and circumstance that a player is in. So if someone has a low XG with high goals, to me that would suggest that this player has many opportunities in which you would expect them to score, and is only able to convert a limited number of them. That's clearly the opposite of what you're saying, so I'm wondering what I'm misunderstanding in my premise about what xG is?
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