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  1. Wouldn't blame Cabaye for leaving if he did, but I can't see it happening if all his mates are here, not just yet anyways. He didn't have a great season and generally looked short of fitness last year, it's something I reckon he'll want to put right. If all the January recruits raise their level, I can see us having a decent season.. it's definitely not all doom and gloom
  2. A French Kenwyne Jones? Still am glad we seem to be doing something.. was getting worried that January's signings were the summers budget.
  3. I can't remember off hand but Dun & Bradstreet's records had 3 linked if I remember correctly.. including names and home addresses of some of the directors. Lots of buffers to Mike Ashley, basically only way of contacting him is to go through Sports Direct secretary. The new holding companies could be anything, but if someone was interested it means the mechanism would be in place to make a purchase, unless your Roman Abramhovic.. then you just land a helicopter on the pitch and announce you're buying the club
  4. He doesn't have access to exact figures, just registration details. The company basically investigate linkages between companies, this was something that was flagged a few weeks ago and he's only getting to it now. Mike Ashley did exactly the same thing when buying us, there's 2 or 3 holding companies which it's all divided between..
  5. Lads, don't expect anything before the weekend, or next weekend.. There's been a new holding company set up here with a sister holding company based in Dubai with Newcastle United in the name. My best mate is a business analyst (Chelsea supporter) noticed it on a new company database. As of right now there's scant information on who it's registered to (not Mike Ashley's though) If someone was moving large amounts of cash from the far east, that would be the way to do it. If I find out more I'll post!
  6. Loic Remy deal done according to Twitter folk
  7. Dirty, not suggesting for a second that we'd be in for a world record bid striker, just that we should be looking at a striker with similar attributes to what Shearer had in his younger days. Would compliment Cisse perfectly in my humblest. Dean Ashton had similar attributes, that's what I meant
  8. Our main problem is a striker to compliment Cisse.. we get one in and all the problems around the rest of the squad will sort itself out. Imagine having a 25 year old Alan Shearer to play along side him?! That's the style of player we should be going for..
  9. Taylor has his many faults but he's better than playing for a club like that. There's no way he'd want to play for another club either so he must have fallen out with someone to be told to fuck off if true. So many clueless people running our club.. it's depressing
  10. Not gutted he's leaving but I must say he won me over big time over the last two seasons. He should rightfully be given a good reception when he comes back to play us. All I ask of players is that they give their all while playing for us, regardless of skill or talent. He never disappointed in that regard
  11. The whole Vernon Anita thing was fairly obvious, I highly doubt Simon Bird has any inside track. Carr has to take responsibility for some bad choices too, everyone wanted Anita to succeed but with a full strength squad he's never going to get a game. Left wing and striker are priority currently, we've become very predictable going forward. Jonas looks to have slowed a little, maybe time to move him on, as much as I like the player.. Be interesting to see what problem areas they've identified!
  12. No it's all very clear to me now. Kinnear is director of winding us all up and he's doing a very good job of it.
  13. Apparently Ashley wasn't happy with Llambias after last summer, especially in the targets we missed out on. In January missing out on Remy was the last straw, that's when he got involved and we signed 5 players. We all agree that Kinnear is a knob, but this could potentially be a clever move. It was obvious the players weren't playing for the manager last season, but having this oaf around is gonna put an us against them attitude in the dressing room. Exactly what Chris Hughton had when we got promoted. Ashley knows exactly how to play us.. all the garbage Kinnear is spouting is pa
  14. Ashley and Kinnear were spotted having beers in Hertfordshire 2 days ago.. Would love to have been privy to their plotting
  15. I've been trying to make sense of this one for hours.. we've come so far since the relegation season, it just doesn't add up. The only thing I can think of is that they want someone in with a thick skin to deal with the current situations that are unfolding, wonga shirts etc.. Pardew is hardly going to man up all of a sudden and confront the deserting rats and underperformers.. I can imagine Pardew is considering his position tonight, maybe that's part of the plan too? Would be some tucking if he walked and then it turned out Kinnear forgot to take his heart medicine yesterday aft
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