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  1. Bottom half...Pardew to be pushed before Jan....Kinnear to pronounce all names wrong when he takes over ...to be led away at the end by his carer
  2. Coming soon...revisited But it is not Graham's fault, Derek's fault or Mike's fault or mine - it is a collective thing and we have to take that all on the chin. We got that wrong.'
  3. getting catering tips more than likely....
  4. Very true...he`s fucked...Goose stepping is not the way to manage a club...lol ellis you`ve well and truly fucked up there
  5. So the only signings are probaly catering or match day staff...way to go Ashley....scary thing now if we lose 3-4 on the bounce, that elephant in the room starts to loom bigger...and then the blame game begins
  6. I have long since stopped listening to Pardew`s patter....he knows it`s his last chance...to a certain degree of managing in the premiership...but your right he bought in to ashley`s 8 year plan...and he has to live with that
  7. Yeah we got to realise cashley ashley`s retail business plan....buy it cheap in the Jan sales....ramp up the specials the rest of the year...welcome to mediocrity
  8. So the D.O.F. is currently living to up to his Job Title...ie Director of fack alll
  9. C`mon MK DONS Fakers....beat the cheesy chip brigade
  10. I am inclined to believe this,I did read somewhere that he was being kept out in case of injury ...i.e price goes down ....and these excuses are just punted out to pacify us... plus Kinnears spin ..We are two 2 games into a 38 game season and already the doom merchants are out says it all....we should be battling/trying to win from the very start of the season...and the players to do that
  11. Exactly...and in that statement ...reading between the lines...to me it`s saying there is so much back-stabbing going on...Pardew knows how to play to the gallery....sometimes too much...but don`t they all..
  12. Totally agree with this...Although I wish Pardew had a spine
  13. The transfers hopefully will not remind me of a box of chocs...i.e all the good ones have gone...
  14. Nufc.com reporting that that nufc officials are sealing permanent deals overseas for two players with the cabaye money...
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