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  1. The link actually works if you click through it, but in my opinion, the result is just as bad "Stop Brexit" ... and lots of other 3 year outdated stuff , amongst some really good strong policies.
  2. I think that's old news just being repeated - or I have to stay off cut down consider using less drugs.
  3. I was just rowing with the Liberal Democrat PR team about this a few months ago - get a frickin Manifesto up on your website and let people know , don't just react to issues of the day. We will do one closer to the time, because laying it out now either helps the party in power , or lets them know what they have to attack. Meanwhile, if you go to their website: This unfortunately named URL: https://www.libdems.org/plan To me, being critical (and I'm a supporter) , this sends the worst possible message that they dont have a plan - they can't even maintain their website. 2019 Manifesto. They still haven't changed it and I whine monthly at them, along with a few others. Finally, tin foil hat piece - but I've always been a bit sceptical since the Introduction of the Behavioural Insights Team , that the government has too much power to influence and control, if we are going to do this stuff for "sending better public health messages" then NHS Digital should do it, not a government in power. Also, I've been highly suspicious of "advisors" to competing parties - during the last GE - is it co-incidence that the advisors they hired gave them the worst possible advice ever? Like "Stop Brexit" for the libs and "Radio silence" for the Labour party? (That last bit is paranoid I know, but it doesn't stop this nagging feeling, who are these advisors?)
  4. She was too frightened to attend QT last night though, for a moment I nearly felt sorry for her mate's Auntie who attended instead "Home Office Minister". Question - who has the talent and ability in the Conservative party to lead it , other than Boris Johnson? Laughs "oh my , not me, certainly not me" you said it love...
  5. Also, wasn't Mike Lynch a bit disappointing tonight? He didn't mention any of the killer lines he's being doing on shitty breakfast shows on QT. No mention of ticket prices rising in line with RPI for 10 years and wages falling in real terms since then. No mention of the 500 million profit line. Also missed the chance to shut down the people saying "You need to modernise, why cant someone working at Paddington go and work at Euston?" - Cos its a fucking set of franchises you daft twat, or as the worker rightly said "It's life doing work for Sainsburys and then going into Asda and doing it for them" its separate companies 😕
  6. Now don't be like that. you know the point in voting for anyone other than Tory, strategically - don't let them win just by dissapointment that the other parties are not doing what you want either. Never forget that there's no other party who's core belief is that public services should not exist , unless absolutely necessary and who have stolen from everyone but the elite . No other party is increasing that behaviour, every choice is a reduction.
  7. I reckon he won't , not immediately anyway - from my perspective, Howe has always made people fight their way into the team , if the previous first choice is fit. Look at how long he took to be "kind to Lascelles" and Longstaff playing over Bruno etc. I'm absolutely delighted that my wet dream of bringing in fringe and established England players is coming true, we've definitely asked after a few now.
  8. As an England fan, as soon as you said "Ramsdale his likely deputy" you've lost me. No he isnt.. Pope has his 8 caps and Ramsdale's played 2 or maybe 3 times and being shocking in 1 of those. If Howe's shown anything last season, its that he expects people to "break into" the team, not place them straight in and drop the usual 1st team player. Look to Lascelles for a good example. Good analysis of positional play though.
  9. I'm quite nervous about this tbh. If this revolt carries on all Summer, I can see Boris escalating Ukraine and causing the elephant in the room to happen. I honestly believe he'd put our 60,000 troops (or is it 50,000) to war to save his career and doom us all. Ok, where's my weed ? :D
  10. I love the gulp at 0.33 - mint. How long until Lynch is arrested under our new state rules for , I don't know - sexual misconduct or fraud? I bet someone in government has considered assassination even.
  11. I think you underestimate Eddie Howe's motivational ability. He got Shelvey to run - imagine what he'll do with someone athletic with a heart condition. (Btw, does anyone have a link to the video of shelvey puking outside his Land Rover after the beep test day? - no one believes it happened and I cant find a link , perhaps I was tripping?)
  12. Ok, tactfully now.. Eriksen is a good player - but aren't we forgetting something? We are newcastle united. If we sign eriksen it is nailed on he will die within the first 4 games, or have a massive heart attack that renders him in a coma for a decade... That is the Newcastle way.
  13. No I've a front row seat, I don't sit with the plebs at the back. Seriously tho, i was gutted as I chucked my season ticket the year before last in protest - then couldn't buy it back - my mates sit at the gallowgate behind the goal and I have to walk over every half time now. But, the atmosphere improved massively once Bruce went , it was a definite catalyst and I don't regret the move now - but yes, some guy on the front row next to me complained about me leaning forward at corners and actually pushed me back with his forearm at one point - he learn't not to, and thankfully wasn't a season ticket holder! I wasn't looking forward to a year of that every bloody game! I love being able to directly shout at the lino and players tho, so I'll stick in my leaky roof / sun in your eyes seat .
  14. I was testing daily from the start as I was directly involved and no long term immunity seems to be proven? One thing that was interesting for me, was a doctor I know who worked in the Red Zone since day 0 and right through until the end of last year they wore rubbish PPE at times like the apron and the crap consumer masks. Then they went out for a pizza as a rare outing and bang, both positive and quite poorly too. He said it kind of proved to him that the crappy fabric masks did work at some level , as he used to be really concerned they didnt get N95 / FFP3 masks but in the end, it looks like 2 layer worked, in his case. It's a weird thing, where many people I know have had it at least once, some 3 times - and then there's us with nothing and seriously, after the 2nd vaccine I became brazen to "Test the vaccine" as I was testing daily using masks and not mixing with vulnerables - but going "out out" to mass indoor events. And yep Renton - I have had similar experiences where I'm convinced its covid and I've been negative PCR / LFT.
  15. Don't worry lads I can periscope from the East stand touchline for you all, plebs. As long as you don't complain about me calling the Linesman "What's the point in you" for 70 minutes of the 90
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