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  1. Did anyone here go to the Enough Is Enough Rally at Boiler shop last night? Zarah Sultana was amazing - Her talent is the only reason she's still a Labour MP - properly losing it "Where's the money tree ? " Goes on to tell everyone how to get money off tax dodgers (Non dom for Sunak's wife etc) then ends with "There's the fucking money" Also says she wont be told what she can and cant say or attend - as long as its FAIR and based on Fact she'll say whatever the fuck she likes. Legend.
  2. The watcher wasn't so bad for me - not a haunted house story , but the twist is pretty obvious 3 or 4 episodes in. It was watchable though. Watched a couple of good horror movies this year though, but I'm having to go to subtitled films to find something decent I've not already seen Last train to Busan (Korean ? Horror film, pretty good) The Orphanage (Spanish , horror / drama) Martyrs (really gruesome, but ends brilliantly)
  3. Bet he's going to be kicking himself. Unai Emery: Aston Villa appoint Villarreal manager as head coach - BBC Sport
  4. One for those that say the BBC is biased: UK doomed without Brexit rethink, warns Tory backer - BBC News Not good reading, but what a lot of us already know.
  5. That's not reality imo. Most are very unhappy because they see behind the curtain at just how fucking horrible "the corporation is" and that they are also slaves to it. Loads of ultra wealthy do loads of good things. 100 women who care - 100 men who care - both utra wealthy philianthopic groups active in all the offshore tax havens. Some give their income directly where they want it to go, rather than to governments who are cutting services , or pushing neoliberal agendas. Things is, the greedy cunts only shout about the greedy cunts, making them all seem like that. Philanthrophy is alive and well - Bill Gates is another example, he's rich but certainly not a cnut - he's given 20% of his income to charity since he was 18 years old. Don't know why I felt a need to defend that, just did - I've taken shit off some of my old school mates cos i've "done well" - when in fact they've just done badly because they were fucking idiots , the kind that vote UKIP as adults cos "foreigners and war" .
  6. +10 for the incredible statto type football fact .
  7. Well, some good has come out of this - I've found - thepoke.co.uk
  8. I'll say it right here and right now - there's no fucking way the Conservative party are going to vote in a "Darkie" as PM. No fucking way.
  9. Saka was scoring penalties in training though. hopefully I'll remind you of this when we make the finals I'm proper positive about England at the moment, as are all the other ticket buying supporters I sit with. not going to this one though Which is pretty gutting. The last time we've had the positive spirit in the stands like this was Euro 96 and I was a wee whippersnapper at those games 19 . Funnily enough, its like NUFC now - its been since Bobby that I've seen the place so positive. Back then, my best mate at the time was whining that Bobby needed to go because we weren't performing well enough - which is exactly how I feel about the anti Southgate sentiment tbh.
  10. Its more complex than just setting a strategy though innit - he's been intensively coaching them for months.
  11. I'm not so sure - I think we'll see as he's certainly future England manager material - but hopefully at least 6 years from now. They don't get the coaching time you get at a club - and since the premiership, it's even harder because clubs withhold players or pressure them to not go to friendlies etc. It went to pens with Italy - that's lucky lottery with any team - but we deserved that just for the pure cheating they got away with.
  12. Does that matter if we get results and Shaw has been godlike for England.
  13. Yep, that's the new propaganda line isnt it - it's so easy to spot - it worries me about the standard of education overall, that it appears to work on the majority. At least they've been self aware enough to drop the line "credibility / credible"
  14. Here's a few, done by his cabinet during his leadership. Rwanda Levelling Up (was actually give money to Tory voting middle class areas) "Global Britain" Very quietly joining Donald Trumps AUKUS. Deregulation of food standards, water quality standards etc. The police, crime, sentencing and Courts Bill The sewell report Covid response (not the scandal the actual response) HS2 scaled down Healthand Care Bill The Nationality and Borders bill passed. (take away all legal routes and make it legal to treat asylum seekers differently based on how they entered, whether it was *cough* a legal route or not). Building Safety bill amendment (you have to pay up to 15k towards removing unsafe building materials etc) The Judicial Reivew and Courts Bill (restricts the public's ability to get courts to rule against government policies) Things he wanted to do but didnt. Attempts to bring in Voter ID (thankfully sacked first) Leave the Geneva convention for refugees and the EUCHR I always flinch a bit when people say he's done fuck all - because he's done so much all at once and none of it is good imo. It's been done by creating so much noise that you can ram loads of other stuff through with a majority while no ones looking. Perhaps a point based immigration system - but I doubt the motives when we are guaranteeing India migrant work).
  15. Well fuck.. It's going to happen isn't it - we're basically been shown that we have fuck all power and its all just a sham. For a government that keeps on talking about a war in Ukraine - we don't half have our trousers down at the moment. I am NOT a putin apologist , on one hand we're arming Ukraine with long range weaponry and training troops during a slowly escalating conflict (which is exactly what has been angering putin for a decade or so, NATO weapons on what he wrongly sees as his borders) - and then on the other hand we have absolutely ZERO diplomacy. Everyone is involved in the soap opera and not doing their jobs . It's bad enough we've mismanaged the economy, but we would be fools to go blind on Putin. Ben Wallace has better things to be doing right now than doing PR for the party.
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