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  1. stolen a living is a bit harsh of you're talking about gouffran, he's grafted and changed his style for pards. serious question tho lads, if getting pissed off at Ashley and co playing the same shit game they always do, with rafa as manager == bedwetting. What does getting excited about signing a Norwich player the day before your first friendly equal??
  2. Glad to have him back, to be honest. Expect the "he's like a new signing" patter in aug when we've only bought one player
  3. No but they havent the record our directors have. Its already getting late, you call it bedwetting i call it denial. Rafa was clearly wanting to build his team during the second stage of the championship, already we are running out of time to realistically expect anyone to assimilate with the squad. oh and fish, yeah was a bit over the top, im sure we will sign someone, but i suspect it wont be enough or of the quality we need.. weve lost a few we've released with no replacements imo. soz lads, but why expect different outcomes from identical situations. The best I hope for is that the lack of signing is down to a new owner coming in.
  4. Why does anyone expect anything different? Year on year, time after time the same. Mike Ashley and his team are fucking idiots. we bought fuck all in January , and we'll do the same again by the looks of things. Are we saying everyone rafa wanted in mid season are niw unavailable?
  5. 2 or 3 premiership players at best , at current rates ?
  6. Well, it was great having him here and I hope he gets a good send off at the weekend Great manager, such a shame we got him during the Ashley era.
  7. I thought so, not expected back for another game after this one.
  8. aye and 2 of those deserve to be in it too.
  9. Quite a nice town for pubs mind - but we'll batter these I reckon.
  10. Aye its a good one. I demand someone changes their vote!! The two beardsley goals from 2:40 to 3:05 , are legendary in my memory. Someone mentioned the number of goals Pedro scored vs Shearer, but lets remember that Shearer scored a hell of a lot of penalties.
  11. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sb8F8CJmGsg
  12. Quality. 5 trophies at Liverpool and 60 goals after that for him .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIzRfz3NZz "Peter Beardsley, Jackie Milburn, certainly they're the two greatest geordies to represent the team in this shirt"
  13. Well, thats the media and outside fans for you. I find big wanks help take the edge off.
  14. Fuckin hell lads, enough about Shearer, who wasn't better than Beardsley and more about Pedro.
  15. Because he'll get hounded / overseas rep as a manager who couldn't save a good premiership team and then left as the "going got tough" in the championship. I don't agree, but most outsiders or pundits expected Newcastle to walk this league . Far better for Rafa to take the money (he's not getting a new job in January) - prove his point by bringing up his team and then fucking right off with a championship winners credit on his tally and a clear mind. Edit - what rob said..