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  1. I'm going.got 4 mates up for it too.so that's at least an attendance of 5 I was always awesome at maths......
  2. Hate these.no pleasure to be had in watching it at all.avoid defeat and I'm happy.
  3. Hallo peeps, with the lack of a derby day thread at the moment, I thought of put a question to you lot:do you enjoy playing the filth?one one hand, people say they love the occasion, others (myself included) hate the games, and the build up. in fact, I'd quite happily never play them again, and I'd only be happy once they closed the bastards down and held car boot sales at the stadt de merde. so anyway, what do you lot think? hwtl.
  4. Do you regret never playing with Kevin scott?
  5. Anyone any idea what he was alluding to today when he said JFK knew the score with his transfer?
  6. My worry is that eventually this side will have to be broken up, and I cannot see us getting any money whatsoever from tubs to rebuild. I can only see a long, crumbling and painful demise at the gross and corpulant hands of baron greenback.
  7. Btw, Baines and miralles are single handedly keeping my fantasy team afloat.
  8. Good read this. personally,I'm growing disenchanted with football, so I'm not sure I can look at the whole issue objectively, but I really think there is a worry for the future of the game. sky only pays the big bucks for a 'product' (i hate that word)that people want to see.they will not pay the morally reprehensible money that they are paying to broadcast games from a half empty stadium. and neither will the sponsors pay the dosh for a poorly attended world cup in Qatar. ladies and gentlemen, the football south sea bubble, may be about to burst
  9. I'm a bit gutted the loon has gone tbh.thought he was guaranteed to take the filth down.not so sure now
  10. Good lad. that's me utterly convinced.
  11. I dunno.either way I bet you tell people you meet on holiday that you are from Newcastle.
  12. I think mackems are a strange, strange breed, who have identity issues.
  13. I'm slightly perturbed.i thought he was v poor at villa.
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