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  1. @FrPaul_Stone @Pmacgiollabhain @RangersFC My 5 year old daughter could paint the Sistine chapel with her crayons qu… https://t.co/hxitLozKSM

  2. @andyparmo I'm playing rebel songs all fucking day

  3. @InTheBookClub @GrahamSpiers Ah, so you're one of those who think you'd have won the game in hand, beat Celtic twic… https://t.co/jy0TsQg7iw

  4. @My_Metro What times are you allowed bikes on the metro? Thanks

  5. @My_Metro I've been waiting almost TWO MONTHS for my corporate metro season ticket refund. Had it submitted to you… https://t.co/CoOTFyHA0L

  6. RT @MartinR16416014: “You think coz you’re Scottish that you’re bad?”......think thats an aye 😂😂 @jamesenglish0

  7. @LukeEdwardsTele The amount of people I saw out jogging this morning, I thought if stumbled on to the fucking great… https://t.co/du0DPdXfdp

  8. @jamesenglish0 @YouTube You did all the hard work mate! Let me know when you're next in Newcastle and ill take you… https://t.co/MJ9xocOusX

  9. RT @CopyPasteRepeat: @lornaaaa_xo https://t.co/0Y0tUw12t8

  10. RT @sid_lambert: It’s Shay Given’s birthday. You remember him. Nothing gets between him and his dinner. https://t.co/e0QP9E0fa5

  11. @TaylorandBesty @ManuLonjon I don't drink.... So it Diet Pepsi cans for me 🤣 https://t.co/kbsTWtZiRx

  12. @Glen_Joseph That tune is up there, by the way. Someone needs to have 'rock you like a hurricane'.... Looking forwa… https://t.co/go7LpIHfu9

  13. @redhead_ordead @THFCjustBrian Well then, I'm off to call him a massive cunt. Let's see how we get on? 😉

  14. RT @Fobwashed: The summon magic in FFVII Remake is wild af ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ https://t.co/e1zRGrXbwF

  15. @michaelsheen just watching 'quiz' with my wife, she says "fucking hell man, he's a chameleon".... Compliment of th… https://t.co/70ItJmxrgY

  16. @Pmacgiollabhain The currant buns couldn't afford my works 5 a-side team, by the way 😉

  17. @UKHonor when is emui 10 coming for honor 9x in the UK. Have been told march, April and also may? Not good enough.… https://t.co/MuBXUCB2l2

  18. @TheProductDS No distance left to run. There, fixed it for you 😉

  19. @jimsmallman ... Just IMAGINE the laptop you could get for ten large. Sweet jaysus!

  20. @FrPaul_Stone @TheTributeAct I've got jelly in the house, but must remember to buy ice cream next time I go shopping 😉🍀

  21. @LuckyTony72 @25FREEEZ I was 19. Nineteen! 🤣

  22. Voila! https://t.co/uvsKXK0uiV

  23. @AmeliaRoseTighe Where the fuck are you buying laptops from for 10 grand? You're so out of touch, it's laughable. Fucks sake man 😞

  24. @SparklySunshiny @HuaweiMobileIE @HuaweiMobileUK @T_Raycer Yeah. I was going to root it and put a custom rom on. Can't even fucking do that

  25. @Ms_M_Addams I'm all about thst Matt Preston life

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