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  1. @RockcliffeFiles The beacon for me

  2. @SazzTwtz Dreams. And diabetes. 🤣

  3. @RockcliffeFiles I believe Suze should absolutely, and I can't state this enough, get herself away tae fuck

  4. @iggy_merry @insignificuntxX The fucking state of him man, he wouldn't dare pop of like that face to face because h… https://t.co/zXM9fYw4Sm

  5. @redhead_ordead That sounds niche as fuck 🤣

  6. RT @FootballCliches: [McManaman voice] Awkward one, just leaning back, wasn't he Fletch, always rising in the end https://t.co/FxXBsauVkZ

  7. MacBook Unibody 1TB HDD, 12GB RAM, SSD, Lots Of Software £250 https://t.co/ih3MzQmHUD Get the app from the Play St… https://t.co/x3O3cL9i9r

  8. @LuckyTony72 Nee bother. I've not gone for padded shorts yet, as this has done the trick

  9. @insignificuntxX Had a remote control chucked at Mt heed because I couldn't find the program my 5 year old didn't k… https://t.co/03sKW9GmrC

  10. @AdamCirc Time and place champ 😘

  11. @LukeEdwardsTele I had to watch my cousins funeral online. Yet this prick gets to do what he likes? Fuck him and fuck this government 😠

  12. @AyoCaesar Good. If he was my neighbour I'd put his fucking windows in. Arrogant and selfish prick

  13. RT @ParcelORogues1: I’d honestly like to see the pair of them dropped off in Glasgow for a night. Fucking talk your way out of that.

  14. @danny__kruger I had to watch my cousins funeral online. You and him can both get to fuck. You arrogant, selfish fucking arseholes

  15. @MarinaHyde Christ aye. Mines a Guinness, what are you having?

  16. @Glen_Joseph @WWEMaverick We need more 'lay your hands on me' for sure 😀

  17. RT @TheGarngad: https://t.co/F6YGkSdsym

  18. @fesshole Someone at work told me the hated it when people didn't like it when the microwave didn't 'ping'. I alway… https://t.co/zw0pqXBvrt

  19. @StreetsRemember The absolute fucking boy

  20. @LukeEdwardsTele Borussia monchengladbach for me as that's where Helen was born

  21. @jamesenglish0 Just tanned 3 weetabix. Unreal 😉

  22. @WolfgangYoung @RingsideC @Mattel They need to have wee Celtic scarves. Hail hail

  23. @bluecolabottles @mikey_mcdonald_ @Kheredine2018 @BenTheTim @RangersFC @JamTarts @StranraerFC Do you know how much… https://t.co/91iQRG9tTm

  24. @matthewwilkie1 @VelvetWildcat @watsoncomedian If they start that shite round my way, I'm putting the rebel as songs on

  25. @Luiseach I'm blasting rebel sings all day. Some fucker puts Vera Lynn on, The Wolfetones is next

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