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  1. Perfect sportsdevil>first row.eu>link 5
  2. Just anyone know what's happening tonight or are we all just expecting the worse?
  3. Big chance for mitro mind, time to prove he can stand in for gayle or impress for a move away!
  4. Anyone else managed to find a working link?
  5. Cheers not working for me but I'll keep trying them all
  6. Should I be willing newcastle to win every game I watch (like a normal football fan would) or should I hope for the team to be relegated meaning in the future less sky cash into Ashley's purse and more chance of him getting bored and buggering off. Or should I believe in miracles and that things will change over the summer anyway.
  7. Is the quality any better then you can get on software like xbmc for free on/via your PC or android device?
  8. how does that work as a competition then? Who wins the cup?
  9. I cant see the Newcastle v West Ham game in the TV guide anywhere, when's that?
  10. What about the carroll money though?
  11. Chuffed it's free on telly like, are all the matches being shown?
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