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  1. I feel a bit for Pellegrino and Soton fans tbh. Selling players every year. No investment. Owners seemingly just wanting to extract every penny and give nothing in return... All sounds very familiar...
  2. Loads of faults with Jenas' nonsense. I'll have a go at listing them: He talks about being on the same level as Gerrard and Lampard but the rest of Newcastle being below that. NUFC finished above both Liverpool and Chelsea in 03. Only Man Utd and Arsenal above. Who does he think he should have been replacing in their teams? Scholes? Vieira? Behave. He went on to join a garbage Spurs side. Anyone remember Juande Ramos? Jacques Santini? Earned 14 England caps while at Newcastle. Left at 22 and earned 7 more. Talks about not being able to handle playing at the Toon but seems to think he's unfazed playing for England at Wembley. Was never even our best midfielder. Speed and Dyer better in the middle. Robert and Solano better out wide. He's really pissed me off here, the ungrateful little weasel. He owes his career to NUFC. He's bitter about something somewhere along the line. Jesus man just the bare faced cheek of mentioning the all time goalscorer of Chelsea FC, multiple Premier League winner and European Champion Frank Lampard alongside himself!!! He'll then go on tele and call Toon fans deluded!!! I can't handle it lads
  3. Horizon Zero Dawn

    It's brilliant but after finishing it I wasn't tempted to go and get the Platinum trophy simply because the endgame isn't padded out enough. The ultra rare mods aren't powerful enough to make it worth my while and there's literally nothing else to try and get. Loved it other than that. Plot and narrative was incredibly gripping.
  4. 4 accurate passes in the opening 10 minutes
  5. Man Utd are pedestrian compared to this lot though. Hope I'm wrong, of course.
  6. Can't see anything other than a good hiding for us here. How do you go about containing Salah-Mane-Firmino? Will be Benny Hill esque scenes as Lejuene and Yedlin chase their shadows.
  7. If Chelsea have already secured top 4 by the final day then I fancy us to do them at SJP. Something wrong about this current Chelsea squad, if they can't be arsed they don't bother. They wanted Mourinho gone and finished 10th the other year.
  8. Aye, it does include taking the lead at Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge and then getting absolutely spanked like, so not as if it's all points we should definitely have had. Still, bad isn't it?
  9. We have thrown 19 points from winning positions so far this season. Now it's obviously not as simple as just adding them on and saying 'we should be sixth!' but that's a huge amount. I'd like to see what the average is for the league as a whole and see where we'd be if it wasn't such a big issue for us. It's clearly a problem and needs sorting.
  10. mackem messageboard gold

    It will sink in further when they're playing our U21s in the EFL Trophy in front of 5000 at the SoL.
  11. Other games 16/17

    We can't go 11 points clear by beating Preston. It'll be 10 but only if Huddersfield lose their first game. I suppose you could have meant goal difference too like. Huddersfield play just before and then just after our game at home to Preston. That's a huge game now. If we lose that game we could well be going into the final 2 matches with just a 1 point lead. I don't want to be overly negative but I really can't believe we are in this situation. A month ago I genuinely thought we had the league all but sewn up.
  12. Newcastle United vs Burton - 05/04/2017

    2-1 I've gone. Just don't trust us to keep a clean sheet at the minute, think the lads at the back are feeling the pressure more than the likes of Ritchie, Gayle, Shelvey. Think we'll have enough to win though.
  13. Other games 16/17

    That's the sort of dead rubber game against a team with its slippers on the mackems won in previous years to keep themselves up. They look fucking abysmal like. Cattermole still getting a game, Jesus Christ. Fulham fucked me over tonight, didn't think they'd have any bother beating Derby. Gone right off the boil.
  14. Championship Run In

    We need 5 wins to guarantee it now and that's the absolute worst case scenario - assuming Huddersfield win every game of their last 8. They've lost their last 2 without scoring. You've got to fancy us now lads.

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