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  1. The thing about Facebook is that it isn't a neutral, blank platform. It's a capitalist business. Labour did well on social media in 2017 when left wing blog posts and 'underground' media was being widely shared. But those algorithms are not set in stone. They can be bought and paid for, and left wing sentiment made to bounce around people who already supported it. Many blog writers who were getting hundreds of thousands of post and video views/shares in 2017 report they are getting a fraction of that now - while corporate 'sponsored' posts are popping up for everyone. My Facebook feed was full of thinly disguised Tory propaganda in the week before the election under the guise of 'Best for Britain', 'The Education Group' etc. It's a big club and we ain't in it.
  2. Farage backing a cause that would be popular with the working class is simply an exercise in reducing Labour votes, just like UKIP was and just like the Brexit Party is.
  3. He was hardly being honest in the first place, representing one party while voting for another! The rules are there to protect the party. I don't see what else they could have done.
  4. Not from party members there won't be. It's an instant ban. Just to clarify, nobody actually knows how people vote. Corbyn himself could have voted Tory for all we know. The offence is publicly supporting another party - which includes telling everyone you voted for one.
  5. Only open and outward support for another party would result in expulsion. I'm assuming this was an anonymous poll.
  6. The opening post of this thread, from 2010, has not aged well. 'The main parties will continue to get closer and closer...'
  7. This is still absolutely perfect stuff for Ashley at the minute. For once, it isn't just NUFC fans scrutinising the club, most of the football media in the UK are watching and expecting the club to act, to keep Benitez in place and back him. Failing to sign Rondon, for example, would look incredibly naive and cheap and draw a lot of stick. For this 'takeover' to drag on all month and then fall apart at the last minute gets them totally off the hook for all of it, including if Benitez walks. I'm keeping calm for now. Of course I'm fucking desperate for it to happen, but I'm not being played by that fat despicable slave driving Tory cunt again.
  8. Your vote is private at the the of the day. For all we and they know Corbyn could have voted Green - that's a rule they could never police.
  9. None of the stuff I've seen has made me sure it's happening and none of the more negative sounding stuff has made me sure it isn't. Just a load of inconsequential waffle on both sides so far. Still got my fingers crossed.
  10. As always with these, I believe nothing until I see the sports direct shite being crowbarred off SJP. Would be good like, wouldn't it?
  11. Whoever didn't fill the fountain up is a Mag
  12. Hope all you marras are ready for any and all trouble at Fratton Park tonight to be blamed on 'mags in the home end.'
  13. We've spent nothing for ten year
  14. Yeah it just makes what I'm saying even more relevant. You don't even need to chuck billions in - just have a project, appoint good people to get on with it, and give them the means to achieve it. That said, them being in the final is a bit of an anomaly. Good number of traditionally strong European clubs are nowhere at the minute.
  15. I don't hate Tottenham but I've got be honest, I'm a bit jealous seeing them in the CL final. 15 years ago I'd have put them on the same level as us. Since then they get investment and progress, we get a load of despicable slimy crooks running us into the ground.
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