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  1. flicking through the channels a week or two ago and started watching 'conversations with friends', absolute pile of steaming shite, however watched the whole programme to cries of dirty old lech from mrs bd. love a dready chick i do, i give you the achingly beautiful sasha lane.....
  2. was on jura wasn't it? probably just desperation to keep the midges away.
  3. probably not technically a recommendation seeing as I haven't even seen it, 9pm tonight on sky performance, who killed the klf? loved them, their album 'the white room' is a masterpiece.
  4. about 2003, I don't know if it helps but it was in adelaide. I also remember driving through the middle of nowhere and some fucker for god only knows what reason had built a giant rocking horse in their front garden. bizarre.
  5. the two things that impressed me most when I was there was the amount of expletives radio djs managed to cram in their chat between playing songs. and their drive thru beer shops. great idea.
  6. in their 1400 post, week old, sixth edition since october sportswashing thread there appears to be two new contributors. sweep, a supposed newcastle supporter who agrees with everything they say or even manages to surpass their vitriol for our club. I mean, I can't believe for one second even if you were a bastion of human rights, the last place on earth you'd choose to go and discuss it would be the football messageboard of a shithole town renowned for its bigotry and contempt for anyone born outside their midden, particularly foreigners. very suspect. the re-emergence of zig81, the angriest man on the internet who flounced with his boyfriend reiver to not606 at time of the great dell/penelope cruz debacle. think the insane cunt used to have the rifle infantry cap badge as his avatar and claimed his anger issues were a result of ptsd. already offering to meet up with folk in the bird in washington for a dust up. fucking hilarious, to quote the great lulu, it's only a matter of time before his heart goes boom bang a BANG.
  7. fucks sake, looks like I dropped my guard second line down there in inverted commas. mind you, I'm slightly more concerned you're referring to the original tweet and you think I dress like that twat!
  8. build a new stadium on the arena site mate and I'd be petitioning for the rebuilding of the doll.
  9. I think other than the eligibility cut off thing the club have probably done the right thing in limiting new season ticket sales. but it only works if both the season ticket holder guest and members two ticket thing is scrapped, at the very least until capacity is increased.
  10. never been there for a match but I've driven past the allianz arena a fair few times and it's fucking awesome. imagine something like that lit up on the bank of the tyne and the first thing you see as a visiting supporter arriving by train. outstanding.
  11. the only slight draw back to the arena is its a canny stagger from the percy, but hey, I'd get there in the end.
  12. think it's the only realistic option. would be sad, but needs must. I also think the arena site would be an outstanding place to build it.
  13. agree with this. I'd also add that despite being somebody who benefited from the system for every home game post brighton, that season ticket holders should no longer be able to buy tickets for a guest. your season ticket should guarantee your own seat only. not only that, on a match by match basis members should only be able to get one ticket. it's not going to take you very long to get pissed off you've forked out for a membership only to find out tickets have sold out before you get to your turn in the queue because a thousand people in front of you have all bought a ticket for a mate who isn't a member.
  14. apparently there's a scandal erupting, something to do with when the official website was under maintenance shortly before the 10am opening...
  15. good start to the day for the big scramble to get a season ticket.....
  16. aye, fair enough! not much consolation though to the people living in fear of general mole along the m5 corridor. to say nowt of the village of pilton being lockdown.
  17. it's all very well for you lot to be taking the piss but you're all fortunate enough not to live within a mile of the direct route the mighty mole and his gang of marauding mackems will be taking to glastonbury next year.
  18. the glastonbury cup is quite cool I reckon, or at very least infinitely superior to the elton john trophy.
  19. the pain of last nights screenshot fiasco suddenly vanished.
  20. one of the fuckers has even started a thread about it!
  21. don't knock it yer twat it's took me five fucking years to get that far!
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