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  1. nothing, literally nothing, is more turgid than our takeover. In the odd time i dip in to it, I'd take glasses fetishism to spending six hours watching a very slowly moving aeroplane glyph tracking its way from riyadh.to virtually anywhere.
  2. you do realise this opens the door for me to post some much more appropriate photos don't you?
  3. I've got a thing about black horn rimmed glasses and the need to decorate them.. does this make me a bad person??
  4. has there been any more letters from hatice cengiz to anybody recently? I appreciate this makes me tragically wrong but every time I see her she looks like a porn actress whose glasses are covered in cum. sorry.
  5. don't worry mate, I only hold a torch for salma hayek in reality. actually, my appreciation for the way in which lucy verasamy presents the weather seems to piss the wife off too!
  6. only a fan boy? you ever see the movie true romance? where at the begining clarence worley is chatting to the pissed up marilyn munroe lookalike and he tells her if his life depended on it and he had to fuck a man it would be elvis presley? well I'd fuck kevin keegan. not entirely sure how happy kev would be about that mind, but hey, it's purely hypothetical!
  7. press/fanzines roughly the same? anyway, really like this rousing article by michael martin in truefaith. I know martin stood down as editor for truefaith as he pissed a lot of folk off in twitter world apparently, but credit where it's due and hat doffed accordingly..... http://www.true-faith.co.uk/takeover-the-north-will-rise-again/
  8. not sure if there's already a thread for this? a lot of what gets said seems to get buried in who it applies to, so just in case it deserves a slot of its own... according to the mag, craig hope has upset the fat lad, take your pick on whether that's ashley or bruce or some hideous, grotesque amalgamation of the pair of thems cholesterol. https://www.themag.co.uk/2020/03/mike-ashley-bans-reporter-due-to-negative-newcastle-united-coverage/
  9. Coronavirus

    aye. got to dance with ola jordon for 8 hours every day for a couple of months too. there's no fucking justice in the world whatsoever.
  10. went to see keegan down here a couple years ago at the cheltenham literature festival (i know, get me) when he did a talk about his latest book. winter hosted the event a chatted to keegan for the first quarter of an hour, thought he came across well. winter had this to say about it at the time.... https://www.themag.co.uk/2018/10/henry-winter-from-the-times-gives-kevin-keegan-glowing-reference-after-appearance-at-cheltenham-literature-festival-newcastle-united/
  11. love simple minds i do.
  12. the takeover is largely irrelevant when compared to tom's outrageous slur of the ramones. thankfully he's seen the error of his ways.
  13. mackem messageboard gold

    a war and peace like tale stolen from the athletic, if you can be arsed to read it, prepare for tears to be shed during this harrowing epic, or not perhaps! https://justpaste.it/1zwc6
  14. they're shut. which is bloody inconvenient seeing as both my two front crowns have come out.
  15. anger, stress, fat man.... let's hope nothing bad happens.
  16. Right man for the job?

    i think it's something you collect pennies for then stick on top of the bonty.
  17. Right man for the job?

    I haven't been here long meself. I am however happy to embrace my place amongst the twats!
  18. Joelinton

    aye, sounds about right. you haven't got an in depth knowledge of the best way to crush and disguise the bodywork of a luton van and where to get the best scrap price for aluminium have you?
  19. Joelinton

    quavers was about 2/3 of the way up shields road on the right hand side. I seem to recall it had a lot of pool/snooker tables so mebbees they're one and the same place? all very hazy those days, probably due to a cocktail of squidgy black, pink champagne speed and white lighning blotters!
  20. Joelinton

    I've no idea mate. the only two pubs I ever went in to in byker during the 80s were the ford arms and quavers. quavers was probably only slightly less a den of iniquity than the ford. I once met a bloke in there whose occupation was hiring out luton bedford vans on stolen driving licences, stripping them down and selling its various components. very knowledgeable chap actually.
  21. Joelinton

    can I just say that arguably the shadiest pub in the north east was probably the ford arms in byker. not once did I ever see anybody play pool on the pool table. its sole use was a stable base to place your scales on. happy days!
  22. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    although not really an image you want to dwell on for too long, the idea of the fat cunt on all fours in the shower having his arse slapped and told to squeal like a pig by the prison big boy is even funnier!
  23. made me feel quite sad this has. if i had to pick who i thought were the most stunning women on the planet i'd be hard pressed to choose between dusky spanish maidens and irish red heads. miguel delaney suggests the two nations shouldn't breed, or at least if they do perhaps they should only produce female offspring? anyway, i didn't really know much about the 'cans' thing but in pursuit of something really witty to add i've been trawling youtube for half an hour looking at can can videos and tragically diversified to finding the minxiest can can dancer. my vote goes for the one who starts second left in this video......
  24. fucking scandalous, or it was, been pulled it would appear. very strange.

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