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  1. What I don't understand is how Bruce gets a free ride with the English press ! Normally when a Manager is spouting bullshit the press are all over him but not with Bruce. I know he's a good old boy but that normally wouldn't be enough.
  2. I'll be watching in Canada, one pm start time for me. I think I'll mix a stiff Rum & Coke to enhance my viewing pleasure !
  3. Why would any team agree to a contract like that. He was always going to be canned, it wasn't if it was when.
  4. It's a famous line that reminds me of Bruce. Young man, listen to my 20 years of experience, to which the young man replied. You have one year of experience repeated 20 times.
  5. Really. That's your response ! You are familiar with how VAR works inside the box aren't you. If you handle the ball inside the box intentionally it will be a penalty. Full Stop !
  6. Oh I get it but the ref hasn't blown so that means you can't use your hands.
  7. Maybe so but that doesn't allow you to push the ball away with your hand inside the box.
  8. In the VAR era that will be a penalty every time. He looks at the ball prior to his arm moving towards the ball.
  9. When on a yellow the player has to modify his game. Cannot make that tackle, too risky !
  10. I agree. Decent player but 85 is crazy money !! I believe they owe some of it to Hull but it still leaves lots for a new CB and maybe curry & lager.
  11. I'm surprised that no Premier League clubs were interested at that price, or did he only want to play for Rafa. When i think of china I think of players at the end of their career looking for that last big payday. I don't put Rondon in that category.
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