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  1. Sounds like Dennis Wise when he was here
  2. We have a lot of tough games before transfer window opens again and most good players won't come to a team in deep shit......we will be better off getting some good players in on loan. Most players coming to a team in bottom 3 of premier league spouting the "big club/always loved Newcastle/I want to win things" etc etc......are probably greedy bastards/shit players, we'll have enough of those when we're in top 6/8 but they'll be a better greedy bastardđŸ˜‰
  3. Looking on a few Derby forums......loads of comments from NUFC fans saying run a mile he'll suck the soul & money out of your club but most think we're exaggerating how bad he is.......so fuck them they can learn the hard way
  4. Back in the good old days.....Gallowgate Bogs
  5. The only set of fans who seem happy are Man City they are no longer the team everyone hates its now us, so chin up lads and lasses and grow the thick skin because the shit and abuse is heading our way
  6. Oh it good "NUFC Aug/Oct 21 and Sportswashing Takeover Edition all NUFC stuff in here".....is now on page 726.....they are gutted we've been taken over after it failed last year and have spent the last couple of days on the moral high ground
  7. What we need is a short term manager to see us through this season and next......if he was ten years younger I'd go for KK
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