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  1. Keep it classy.....its what they do best
  2. Oh dear......meltdown on RTG over nufc flags & brown ale appearance at Glastonbury 🤣 so I don't think Sam will be performing at SOL anytime soon
  3. But if you said that to them......the answer would be one or all of the following I'd rather be in the 3rd division than owned by murderers I'd stop supporting my club if it was owned by murderers Premier league is corrupt allowing murderers to buy mags Boris/Government/Mags/Saudis all corrupt FTM Fucking bunch of inbred backward cheesy chip blue wkd twats
  4. On his day for us he was great and even made Titus Shambles look good
  5. And they say we're obsessed with them and that they they live live rent free in our heads......or some shit like that
  6. Great news as he was a solid player......not the best but a vast improvement on what we had
  7. I think your being it harsh Targett.......I thought we were very weak at LB before he came in but if Howe thinks Lodi is better option fair enough, on the other hand if we sign Targett as first choice I'm also happy with it
  8. Add the fact at the moment as was pointed out somewhere on here I think For every £1 they were getting in they were paying £1.25 out so that should take care of any revenue increase if the chuckle brothers have their way
  9. Well for those odds getting as low as that is a combination of bookies info/knowledge/forecast.......and stupid bastards from the SR1 postcode lumping the contents of kids moneybox on at the local Ladbrokes
  10. Fulham interested in Targett supposedly.........unless his bird is from London I cant see the attraction in joining them for instant relegation
  11. Most are realistic about next season....but some of the daft twats actually think they can make the play offs https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/6-to-1-for-promotion.1580378/
  12. There are loads of the "I spoke to a steward/old boy/wycombe fan/young family on tube/old tart etc etc and they think sunderland fans are brilliant and well behaved".......errr no most were probably thinking who the fuck are these tramps bathing in the fountains whilst eating pot noodles and drinking warm blue wkd
  13. Consider yourself fucking telt marra🤣
  14. Not in all cases but players from teams that have been relegated are relegated for a reason.......because all/some of the players are shit and I don't Pope is that good If it was between Pope & Henderson.....Henderson would be my choice all day long
  15. "Yes Kyril so your saying you don't work for daddy's company" "That correct no involvement whatsoever in daddy's company" "So Kyril where did your £2 billion trust fund come from" .......................................Kyril hello Kyril hello....... are you there
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