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  1. Another one who is convinced we're match fixing He wants 2 teams now. Nee way the luck will fall for them next season like it has this. I truly believe they are match fixing. Look at the side Brighton out out last night. It certainly wouldn't surprise me the disgusting murdering Scum. 不不不
  2. Well fuck me that was a nervy 20 min before we scored our 3rd I was convinced they would score a 2nd........thats the hard game over bring on Leicester and lets get the job done
  3. Well we've fucked their week up big style不
  4. HaHa tough shit you mackem cunts
  5. If we beat Brighton Leicester will be easy leaving the Chelsea game to have some fun https://www.premierleague.com/video/single/1204085 I could see Isak scoring those sort of goals
  6. Before the Leeds game I was confident of 3 points and for Liverpool or Man Utd to drop points......As already mentioned beat Brighton and the pressure is off,draw or lose and it'll be a very uncomfortable last 2 games. Liverpool might drop points home to Villa but its fucking Liverpool so every rub of the green will go their way,Its still in our hands 2 wins and we're home & dry so lets get at Brighton from the off
  7. They have "Get ready for us" thread on parsnip can only presume they've had to much drink watching their new friends beat Leicester When we eventually achieve promotion (probably this season) were coming for the big boys, the premier league wont know what's hit them. I genuinely can see this team getting top 7 at least next season. We've got a group of talented young lads who will only improve. The future is bright
  8. No doubt they'll want to bring Rex & Jordon "how's my hair" back home
  9. "Watch out City/United/Liverpool/Arsenal/Spurs/Chelsea/Saudi United.......the Barca Samba Boys are coming to get you......FTM"
  10. They have a "Would this team beat the Mags?" thread Of course most are saying the Barca Samba boys would smash it but a few realise the truth....I like the last postto late lads we've seen it
  11. It could be one of those weekends when our draw looks ok lets just see what Man Utd & Liverpool do,Leeds were always going to be tough to beat in the Fat Bastards first home game
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