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  1. norm

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    well that's been very informative, thanks lads! Now where's those tissues?
  2. norm

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    you've got to be joking!
  3. norm

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    Never had them before......now my computer's going crazy with the fuckers! Anybody know a solution?
  4. At least he's Geordie who knows what its all about - might stabalise things a bit. Wise.....Jesus, doesn't bear thinking about does it?
  5. I'd rather die of thirst than put any more money into that fat, southern bastards pockets. How many of us would be there today if we didn't already have season tickets?
  6. Never mind that....we are the laughing stock of the country.....a fucking shambles. We thought it was bad in the past with Shepherd & co, at least he was a Geordie. FUCK OFF ASHLEY you Southern ponce
  7. Ace Lager! Irn Bru....good for hangovers, or Orange Lucozade gets my vote!
  8. ....last night's was quite exciting! (for Eastenders that is!)
  9. oh aye....oops! and carrying on the theme.....footballers with hairbands footballers wearing their ankle socks outside their footy socks (what's that all about?) sweatbands mobiles with charms hanging from every orifice those shoes with leather labels on the laces
  10. none work....all shit, waste of money! drink neat whiskey instead, make you feel much better and does your throat the world of good!
  11. pedometers keys tangling from trousers mobiles kept in handy pouches strapped to the belt bum bags any more?
  12. ...people who say ...."yeah?" at the end of their sentance and similarly people from Carlisle who say "eh?" at the end of every sentance funky contemporary sunderland escapism (what's all that about?)
  13. 8.....good little quiz that!
  14. first time I've watched it as I'm normally well pissed by this time..............excellant, very funny!
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