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  1. Exact same as the modern-day Republican Party. We have nuts - fucking literal raving loonies - going up on convention stages and spouting the most fucking ludicrous bullshit ever heard, and getting wild applause. People who believe everyone dead is alive, and everyone alive is a clone of someone already executed for treason at Gitmo. People who follow a crack addict pillow shill, a disbarred, disgraced ex-mayor, and of course, a reality show con man/wannabe strongman. These aren't conservatives. They're not Republicans. They're insane cultists, high on ranch dressing and treason.
  2. Howe knows exactly what he's about, he took the same tack with bedding in Bruno last season to great success.
  3. Aye, you might try the first row. I hear it's canny for sports. In the EU. Like.
  4. The Beeb at it again. Where do they get off putting this halfling cunt taller than anyone else in the shot? Even during the debate, he was situated at one end of a semicircle, closer to the audience so that he wouldn't appear as much of a fucking Brandywine with a tan. If I were Truss I'd 100% be drawing attention to it every chance I got. "Rishi, that's an idea ill-benefiting a man of your stature." "Rishi, don't get short-tempered, the national debt is towering over you, along with every fucker else." "Rishi, do you ever have dreams about being kidnapped by orcs and taken to Isengard?"
  5. Because it's a communicable yet preventable disease for which a safe and effective vaccine is readily available. Much like meningitis. There is absolutely no reason, barring allergy, why anyone eligible should not have their meningitis vaccination. You wouldn't twist if I suggested that PL players who couldn't find new clubs because they didn't have meningitis vaccinations ought to stop complaining and go and get their jabs. So why quibble over COVID? But I'll go one further and say that it's part of the price of entry. Clubs do not want to invest in players who they might lose to a random, uncontrollable COVID outbreak at a vital point in the season. Therefore, the players in question can either a) Cry about it, hence "boo hoo" or b) Get vaxxed, the numb, overpaid fucking morons.
  6. Boo hoo. Get vaxxed you numb, overpaid fucking morons.
  7. No blue check on that tweet, or am I mistaken?
  8. And if he doesn't? He's broken every other convention and tradition, why would he stop there? Once he's lost the Tories' confidence he doesn't technically lose his prime ministership, isn't that correct? Does the government have to permit a motion of no confidence in Parliament, or is that something they can block? My question essentially is, can this fucker continue to govern as a PM without party? Is there some point at which Liz has to step in and finally tell him to fuck off, and would she do that, if it came to it?
  9. Because it looks like dogshit without a name and number, meaning you pay for one and they get more money.
  10. Not enough step-overs or headbands, pass.
  11. I have always said that anyone against unionized labor is either a) a scumbag who has never done an honest day's work in his or her life or b) someone who has been tricked/taken advantage of/brainwashed by scumbags from category A. As a teacher in NYC I am required to be a union member and it's the best feeling there is. I get questions sometimes - "why do you think you're so special that you deserve time off, parental leave, class size limits, etc.?" No, moron, I'm NOT special at all. EVERY worker deserves those privileges and in an equitable society, would have them. The difference is that I have a union that fought for me to have those protections. "The teachers' union is only concerned with its members, not with the education of our children" is another common one that gets trotted out. Yes, no shit, fuckface. It's the teachers' union, not the students' union. It takes care of me so I can take care of the kids without having to worry about getting hurt on the job, screwed by an incompetent or malicious supervisor, losing my career because I had too many sick days, etc etc.
  12. Short fucking memories. It wasn't even a year ago we were on three points with a fat-fuck fraud in both the dugout and the boardroom, having blown our entire budget on one player in the summer, sinking without trace. Since then we've done what no other team in history has done, spending nearly 100m along the way. If that's not trying then what is, exactly?
  13. That guy thinks NDAs stand for Non Declaration Agreements so I'd not be too bothered about whatever's got his eels jellied.
  14. That it's France U20s, according to .com.
  15. Can someone clue me in? I get the account is not real, but I'm not twigging the joke...
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