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  1. If he accepts the pardon, it will imply guilt, and will take away his right to invoke the 5th Amendment in future. The powers of pardon and clemency exist to give the executive branch a check on the judiciary. During the arguments for ratification of the Constitution, many feared that an unelected judiciary who held their positions for life would lead to tyranny, so the Founding Fathers wrote in safety valves. The Constitution is not "tinpot" whatsoever - it is a magnificent work of art that has persisted through the centuries. The problem is the character of the men who uphold it.
  2. The fact that we're even discussing if Shola was shit or not shows how abject we are now. Pardew's time looks like glory days. Actual success is a myth, half-remembered.
  3. Agree completely. They are "good for me, but not for thee": The Party.
  4. The House likely would not choose Biden, because it's not based on a simple majority. Instead, each state delegation gets 1 vote (so instead of 435 members of the House voting, a majority of whom are Democratic, it would be the 50 states that represented in the House voting, a tiny majority of which are Republican overall.) The nationwide popular vote doesn't count at any point. I...don't know what to feel. This isn't 2016, because Hillary was already torpedoed by this point. It might be even worse. Biden is signaling he has the votes to win, and that might be true...now we get to
  5. Bookies have continued to slash Biden's odds (did I get that term right? I know very, very little about betting). Link: https://bookies.com/news/presidential-election-odds-daily-tracker Like I said earlier, this turnout just isn't a bunch of people who suddenly decided Trump was a good president after 4 years. It's the continuation of the blue wave that started in 2018. I hope I sound confident because I'm fucking shitting it, God help me.
  6. Hardly, if you compare with the way the 2016 polls tightened sharply in the run-up. That hasn't happened here and Biden is still steadily ahead. Keep the faith, I certainly am. We're on course for a turnout not seen in 100 years. You think those are all Trump voters?
  7. Class strike, Murphy has played himself into contention for the rest of the season. Well done from someone whose career here looked to be over.
  8. Bang average upper Championship midfielder. The new Guthrie/Colback/Gosling/Bentaleb/Ireland/etc etc. Acceptable as cover but shouldn't be starting PL games.
  9. Hendrick scored a cracking goal in the opener but has been anonymous since. He's the Colback replacement and Colback didn't play on the wing either. Another baffling decision from the Fat Pardew. Having such a pedestrian player on the opposite wing just focuses the defence on ASM even further. Almiron would have a field day with the gaps left by a defence struggling to contain both ASM and Wilson's movement. It's obvious to everyone except the manager, I suppose. And the less said about Joelinton, who Bruce has clearly been told to select, the better. I can't find a lot of blame fo
  10. That's a penalty only when Man U are playing. Laughable really.
  11. The problem is that everything that comes out of the mouth of these liars is suspect. We're guessing at the meaning of smoke signals and it turns out they're just coming from a trash fire. Conley - another grade-A liar - tried to explain his earlier foot-in-mouth moments (where I suspect he actually told the truth, which is of course a major faux pas among these people) as that he didn't want to share anything that would "steer the course of illness in another direction." What the fuck? It's a virus, you fucking scam artist, a parasite not unlike yourself. It doesn't respond to public pressure
  12. They are simultaneously too ineffective to stop Trump when he succeeds and too powerful to overcome whenever he fails to deliver. Just like "antifa", which are both a terrifying scourge that law enforcement are powerless to stop from burning cities down, but also laughable and weak enough that a bunch of hillbillies with varmint guns could defeat them in the case of a second civil war. COVID is both not real and a Chinese bioweapon, election fraud is real except when Republicans are doing it, black lives matter except when you need the white supremacist vote, "science" matters when it's
  13. This is essentially a PL-strength team, if we weren't thrashing these there would be a real inquest. Fair play to Bruce for using first team players.
  14. Blatantly doesn't fancy it. Fuck off, that's pathetic.
  15. He's making us look fools, half the team will be on a yellow by halftime from trying to get at him.
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