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  1. Well this is about to end in tears. How terribly sad. Pride goeth before a fall, and all that.
  2. I imagine their reactions will be something along these lines, "Well, ultimatel¥ this i$ £or the good of the game, going £orward the$e team$ are creating an elite league where the ver¥ top player$ of the world can compete, and MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!!"
  3. Since it's now clear that Ashley isn't going to peddle the useless fat fuck, I guess it's now better to get the few points (1 at a time of course, wins are too much to expect) to help us stop up. So, yay, we scored. Great.
  4. Speaking on a weekly basis here, on average, how often do you fuck your sister-mam?
  5. I think I'm done. Clearly the players are. There was no attempt to block the cross and no attempt to mark the scorer. Schoolboys would've done better and I mean that literally. Fuck all the way off.
  6. Can't wait to see who the next dinosaur Ashley digs up will be. Maybe Kinnear again? He's still alive, right?
  7. That goal will cost us many more points over the long run than it saved us.
  8. The cretaceous period will extend another week, oh joy. I'm so happy.
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