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  1. Rafa Gone

    Owner renowned for fucking popular managers over fucks popular manager over. Without any hyperbole, it is entirely possible that we will never have a better manager from this point on. Goodbye Rafa, thanks for everything. Can't wait to see what clown the FCB will dredge up to replace him. Roy Keane just left Forest, maybe he's up for a challenge?
  2. Rafa Benitez

    Where's the racism there? The alleged buyer's name is Khaled.
  3. Generic small time football blather thread 2017/18

    This was also the source of the legendary "do me fuckin garden lad" post, if I remember rightly.
  4. Precedent Trump

    I don't think his voter base is large enough to win re-election, and he's poisoned the well with most everyone else in the country. The former Obama voters he won over in 2016 ain't voting red again.
  5. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    He might be slightly rattled
  6. Generic small time football blather thread 2017/18

    He forgot to mention Algerians.
  7. Liverpool Game

    Shocking refereeing and disgusting cheating throughout. An obvious dive from Fabinho brought the third goal - no replay at all, no scrutiny, nothing. Milner also should've walked - I guarantee you the ref intended to give him a yellow for the first challenge, and the second one was also a clear yellow for a professional foul. Come on City.
  8. Brighton & H.A. v Newcastle U

    Agreed, and he's been dogshit all season, so ship him back and give our player a chance to shine.
  9. Politics

    That is the first time I have ever heard that particular cunt's voice, watched anything to do with him, or known what he looked like. I cannot believe he takes himself seriously. Is it possible that he doesn't? But then no, he wouldn't run for office. Do people actually listen to that voice coming out of that face and think what this fucking moron says has anything to do with their lives? I pictured him as more of a Tommy Robinson type, a sort of rabble-rouser who was more street thug/Aryan Brotherhood than anything else...but no, he's some sort of posh fucking twat who sounds like he delightedly breathes in his own farts and catalogs his every meal with a series of polaroids before uploading them to his blog. Fuck me senseless. EDIT: Is he supposed to be like an "intellectual" racist? Like alt-right for the bigot who's a cut above the common street filth and white trash? Is that his game? Doesn't much fancy holding tiki torches and doing Nazi marches, but he's happy to sit behind the safety of his screen and spout his shit?
  10. Other Games 18/19

    Liverpool missing out on the title in agonising circumstances is always something I can get worked up about.
  11. Miguel Almiron

    Agreed all around. Saved our season. Psychological impact of breaking the transfer record + he actually delivered on the pitch. If we'd signed nobody we'd be 17th right now and it'd be squeaky bum time every time Brighton or Cardiff scored a goal. Instead we're comfortably looking down on them. Fatass, of course, will not get the obvious message that spending money on good players and good managers keeps you in the Premier League.
  12. Other Games 18/19

    If you could ban a player for life I would've for that foul. You'll never see one as despicable again. Keane's on Haland is up there too - what a surprise, what cunt side and cunt manager did they both play for?
  13. Other Games 18/19

    Can you imagine getting humped 4-0 off that shower of shit we played at SJP? It's hard to tell who the bigger chancer is, Silva or Solskjaer.
  14. Politics

    To be quite honest, I'm struggling to find much supporting evidence either. This is all remembered from a paper I wrote on the topic in high school, before internet research really existed. I got it out of some books and monographs written about the conflict, but I may be misremembering the level of Palestinian support for the UN plan. It's plausible that I had it wrong - this is an area I've studied a lot, but it's not the area of my professional expertise. This book, which is partially available online, does include some evidence supporting a Palestinian acceptance of partition. Some wanted to maintain good relations with Jews for economic reasons and others, as I said earlier, wanted partition in order to facilitate union with Jordan. King Abdallah of Jordan had always been pro-partition, probably because he had ambitions of regional dominance.
  15. Politics

    Well, I want to clarify what I stated earlier. The official Palestinian position was to reject partition, which they did, but that was a political stance. Privately they were willing to accept the UN partition and live alongside a Jewish state in Palestine, if changes to the partition deal could be made. However, the decision was made for them by the Arab states' decision to invade following the Israeli declaration of independence, Jordan in particular, since some Palestinians envisioned a union with Jordan. The history of the Palestinian and Israeli conflict since then has been tainted by interference from the other Arab states, all of whom thought they were somehow going to destroy a state that had already trounced them in 1948 when they were barely even a country. The reason for the extended resistance now is failure to adhere to 1948 borders. After the Israeli War of Independence, they seized more land that had not been part of the original partition, and following the 1967 war they added even more land that had historically been Arab. For example, the city of Jaffa (part of Tel Aviv) was supposed to belong to Palestine in the original partition because it had such a large Arab majority - that was ignored when it was seized in 1948. So the Palestinian position is kind of "you were happy to adhere to international agreements that created a country for you, but then once you had a country, you stopped holding to anything that would limit its expansion or let us have a country, including the original agreement."

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