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  1. Fuck's sake, this thread made for some bad reading later on. Made rather a tit of myself. All I can say that it was 12 years ago and I was 24 and even dumber than I am now. 24-year-old me said I'd give it a chance and wait and see how it developed. Well, I tried to do that, and it was foolish. After they confirmed in 2015 that the tournament would be switched to November, I knew I'd been taken in. The human rights violations are shocking and disgraceful - but of course, South Africa, Brazil and Russia all have their problems in that arena as well - but above all the fact that the entire bid, with its promises of air-conditioned stadiums, had been a lie from the beginning (as I now believe they never had any intention of holding it in the summer at all) turned me completely off it. I swore then not to watch a minute of it. That'll be sorely tested in the coming weeks I imagine, but I'm going to hold to it. Fuck this phony WC, fuck the frauds who awarded it, fuck the emir, his entire corrupt family, and seven generations of his ancestors, fuck the lot of them.
  2. Where's that Instagram video where they beat us 15-2 or something and Watkins was better than Wilson? Predictions for when they deleted it: a) 15 minutes in b) after Wilson scored c) after he scored again d) after their players disappeared down the tunnel, having received a well-deserved hiding that could've been 7 or 8
  3. Or like Suella herself, she's another Goan who thinks she's white because some Portuguese guy fucked her fifteenth great-granny four hundred years ago. Ladder-puller par excellence.
  4. He'll drag it out as long as possible, waiting for the Republicans to retake the House and disband the committee. In the event he is forced to appear, he'll plead the 5th.
  5. Agreed completely. I said the instant it happened that it was a dive, and it turned out it wasn't, but his ridiculous overreaction actually sold the ref (and somehow VAR) on it being simulation.
  6. Unfortunately Nasser would be laughing out of the other side of his mouth now, hijab-wearing is still not mandatory in Egypt by law but it is common practice almost everywhere. The virulent ideology of Wahhabism has sunk its barbs deep into Egypt. As a society Egypt has been pushed far to the right since his day - and he was a dictator with absolute power, so hardly a bleeding heart.
  7. As one commentator pointed out, what was Willock supposed to have done? What course of action was he meant to have taken to avoid being pushed into the keeper by a Palace defender?
  8. Astonishingly bad call, how can you go to the monitor and still possibly be so wrong?
  9. After Gomez put it over that was the game. If you wanted to add time on, the whistle should've gone after our final attack. This was pure, unadulterated cheating, blatantly trying to give a "top side" a way to win the game.
  10. An absolute cheat, nailed on from the moment 5 minutes went up. Absolutely robbed, fuck all the way off you cheating pack of pricks.
  11. What was that free kick at the end? Too cute. Just let our best taker take it, it was from 20 yards, he'll at least put it on target. Baffling. Longstaff can't start another PL game, put Anderson on from the start. Experience my arse.
  12. I was just about to post an angry rant after I woke up, saw 4 fresh pages in this thread, and assumed for sure we’d signed someone. Then I saw it was 3.5 pages of arguing with an idiot. Good thing there was a sting in the tail or you’d all be for it.
  13. Definite foul on Schar as well, get to fuck, if we'd done that it was a certain foul. Whatever happens from here, we've shown we're the real deal. More than a match for the champions of England. SJP is off its hinges, Walker and Ederson look rattled, more goals in this.
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