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  1. Amateur explosives engineering?
  2. A huge share of the blame has to fall on Southgate, that was very poorly managed and our shootout lineup was a disaster. Italy were the better team in the match overall and they deserved to win, so congratulations. If we'd gone after their ageing centerbacks in extra time instead of waiting for penalties and sitting back, this match could've had a different outcome.
  3. Sancho on for Phillips, he's been knackered for the last 10-15 minutes at least. Southgate blatantly playing for a shootout now. That's bad form, we can win this.
  4. Barely had a kick that entire half, it's time for Southgate to prove his credentials now. Grealish needs to be on I should think, Mount can come off.
  5. We certainly do like, who's been better? Apart from a brilliant free-kick Denmark offered nothing. We were the better team all ends up.
  6. That had been coming. We look all at sea, the goal needs to be not to concede again before halftime.
  7. Shaw's delivery has been immense tonight like. As usual Kane only turns up against the weaker sides.
  8. Operation: Bore the Germans Into Complacency, success.
  9. They took him out and shot him at half-time, nobody's noticed yet though, least of all him.
  10. No, no, this is going perfectly to plan. Another 15 minutes of this and Low will fall asleep, then Southgate can make any switches he needs.
  11. If this were the midfield that played v. Scotland, they'd have passed back 3 times during that passage of play. Good goal,
  12. Another set of dictatorial cunts vanquished today. Erdogan will have been sputtering into his simit, the fashy shithead. Germany will likely do for Orban's blackshirts, so all we need now is for the Danes to come good against Putin's boys in Copenhagen.
  13. Well, if anyone watched that and still thinks we're one of the "favorites" to win this tournament, I've got oceanfront property in Kazakhstan for sale. I'm just going to say it - has Kane ever done anything of note while playing for England? That chump is the one getting comparisons to Shearer? Scored a pen and a tap-in against Panama three years ago and that's made him England's great hope. He looks like a donkey.
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