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  1. Far worse than Gayle's but infinitely less damaging. He can laugh about that one and so can we. Bournemouth should start packing their bags, they're off on a Championship tour. They're lucky there are no fans in the stadium, there'd have been a revolt after watching that shit. Imagine getting tonked 4-0 off us
  2. Is that right? Fucking hell. The ink was barely dry on Pardew's 8 year contract back then.
  3. Coronavirus

    It's hard to overstate how badly the virus is being handled here. We have states outright lying about their numbers and falsely attributing C19 deaths to other illnesses. Then, in the honest states, we have entire swathes of the population that believe some combination of three extremely dangerous myths: a) it was never real in the first place and was a Chinese/Democrat/whoever the fuck conspiracy; b) it is real but no more harmful than the common cold, and has been hugely blown out of proportion by a Chinese/Democrat/whoever the fuck media to bring Trump down; c) it actually is real and harmful, but it's now "over", so there's no need to continue wearing PPE or maintaining social distancing. That's quite apart from the lunatics who claim that governors' lawful orders are tyranny and violations of the Constitution (funny how these used to be the states' rights people, but as soon as the states start doing something they don't like, they become huge proponents of federal overrreach, suggesting Trump should have governors and mayors arrested) and that masks and stay-at-home orders violate the Constitution. Then we have the enormous segment of the population that is just fucking stupid, and recognizes COVID as a deadly disease that we need to protect ourselves from, but thinks it can't happen to them/they won't get it on a run to the store/only old people get it/I don't have any symptoms so I must be good. I was at the grocery store in rural PA, where I've been for most of the past 4 months, and the amount of people I saw unmasked and just doing the usual shit would boggle your mind. There are 17 (total, not necessarily active) documented cases of COVID in this county, and it's not too likely you'll encounter one of the people who has had it or currently has it. But if one of them does start spreading it around, it's going to move like wildfire, and that's what's already happening in the South and Southwest. Trump rallies and megachurch reopenings are sure to help it along as well. I think the EU would do well to put us on no-fly or quarantine lists, because this shit ain't ending here any time soon. We'll still be dealing with it well into the fall.
  4. Sun 21.06.2020 Sheffield United (h) @ SJP, 2pm. Premier League

    Three great goals, I thoroughly enjoyed that, and also those boring frauds getting exposed for the jokers they are. Joelinton and Almiron both guilty of missing glorious chances but they did very well together for the third goal.
  5. Bizarre Quiz Response

    I think this is what the word cringeworthy was invented for. About as bad as that other dopey cunt who showed up last August to propose a song for Bruce and Joelinton.
  6. Coronavirus

    I become instantly suspicious of anyone who attacks unions. It suggests to me they've never done a decent day's work in their lives.
  7. Right man for the job?

    Fuck off. I'm not giving your scabby site any clicks either.
  8. Coronavirus

    'So what?' - Brazil's president on death toll passing 5,000 Brazil registered a record 6,276 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday. It already has the largest number of infections in all of Latin America with 79,685 total confirmed cases and more than 5,500 deaths. President Jair Bolsonaro has downplayed the threat posed by the virus. Asked by reporters for comment after the death toll passed the 5,000 mark on Tuesday, he said: "So what? I'm sorry. What do you want me to do?" One of the worst affected cities has been Manaus in the Amazon. The city's mayor has said that they are preparing to hold more than 4,000 funerals in May - four times the usual number. Fucking hell.
  9. Alan Pardew - Poltroon sacked by a forrin team

    Sunderland will be looking for a new manager in due time, I think Pards should keep his options open.
  10. I stated my feelings on this last time round in January and they haven't changed. I don't want NUFC to be owned by the Saudis. I despise them and would hate for our club to be involved in their plans to legitimize their medieval regime in a post-oil world. All of that said, if this is happening, it's out of my hands. Just like it was when Ashley bought us. We're as powerless against this as we were any of the myriad times we protested Ashley's decisions. And so if I've got no say, and I don't, then I'm going to fucking enjoy being a real club again, no matter who's signing the cheques. Having a real manager again instead of a succession of bargain-basement bozos. Investing significant funds into the first-team squad. Having a serious tilt at Europe again. Getting some relief after thirteen (fuck me) pretty fucking barren years. Scrubbing every trace of Ashley's low-rent sportswear empire from SJP. So aye, bring on the Saudis. Even if they only spend enough to make us a going concern again, that'd be enough.
  11. Coronavirus

    You got through that entire overwrought paragraph of thesaurus-bothering melodrama without a single semicolon. I'm proud of you.
  12. Coronavirus

    Amusing video but fake as fuck, those are blatantly not NYC fire trucks. The footage is actually from Jerusalem in 2017.
  13. Precedent Trump

    From the perspective of actually improving the long-standing problems in the country, absolutely. But with the way the political mood is, your average voter doesn't want a revolution. They've had a bellyful of Trump upending every standard and norm this country has held for decades and they want someone who can steady the ship and "return to normalcy." Biden isn't a particularly inspiring candidate, but he would be a pair of safe hands, and would mean an end to the excesses and infringements of the Trump administration, like having family members without security clearance employed in key positions (awkward with Hunter, but whatever), violating the emoluments clause, rejecting traditional allies and sucking up to every two-bit dictator worldwide, pay-to-play at Mar-a-lago, assaults on the free press, and of course Trump's particular rule-by-Twitter-decree style of lunacy. I maintain the same position that I've held for nearly 4 years now - 2016 was a one-time thing, and Trump's base cannot possibly win another election. It actually should never have won an election in the first place, had Hillary run even just a slightly better campaign. Biden's handlers will not make the same glaring mistakes she did, and the phenomenon of 70,000 votes in the Rust Belt tipping an entire election will not happen again.

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