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  1. mackem messageboard gold

    Moyes never had the stomach for it, you could see they were going down with him two games into the season. But the Greyson appointment is what really killed them off, as well as how long it took for Short to act. It's as if they never really clocked they were in relegation danger until after the January window despite being in it from the word go. The entire thing was a tragedy (and I mean in the Greek sense, not at all in the sad sense, because it's fucking hilarious ) in the way it played out, with everyone in the audience being able to see what was happening while the characters themselves on stage continue to plunge into utter oblivion, perfectly unaware of their fate.
  2. Keane could've had 3 yellows this game. Can't fault the effort we put in but we were essentially playing against 12.
  3. 2nd yellow for Keane there.
  4. You can see how unimpressed Perez is with the reffing. Every call is going to Everton.
  5. Relegation Again ?

    Not yet.
  6. 10th place, 10 points clear. All this stems from the Man United win, if we'd not got that we'd still be down in the shit right now.
  7. Days past it was us that regularly conceded goals that cringeworthy. Rafa has made us a professional outfit again.
  8. Relegation Again ?

    Two will guarantee it, one more combined with bad results for a few teams who are in the mix will see us effectively safe. We'll stop up with some distance, I think. I've thought that since beating Man U stopped the home form rot.
  9. Rafa Benitez

    Of course that fruit loop would think Rafa is a bad manager.
  10. Other Games 17/18

    Look how far Wales got as what was essentially a one-man team.
  11. Other Games 17/18

    Just needs to make it 9 months and get to the WC that way. If he never scores another goal after that I'll not be bothered. Knowing our luck though some clogger from Stoke will snap him in half on the last day of the PL season and any hope Egypt had of success will be down the drain.
  12. Generic small time football blather thread 2017/18

    Ranking? I think Hodgson is the best of the lot but his time is nearly up, then Pulis, then the rest are much of a much. All of their careers are shot. Pulis on the other hand looks better in hindsight after the abomination that has been Pardew's time at WBA, so he's in good standing for another PL job - I think Moyes will end up in the Championship after his time at West Ham comes to an end, same with Hughes. Fat Sam continues to get PL jobs despite being a self-obsessed bullshit artist, so I expect him to resurface the next time an "established" PL club is starting to slip, perhaps Swansea after Carvalhal's luck starts to go sour around November next season.
  13. Florian Thauvin

    We love a flair player, but he's more of a "don't care" player.
  14. Florian Thauvin

    He blatantly never fancied playing for us, we had been dogging him for years and he bobbed from one French side to another until finally the $$$ won and we got him over here to prance about for six months and dirty his boots maybe four times a match. He was absolute dogshit in our colours and he can be as good as he wants anywhere else in the world, I wouldn't have him back.

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