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  1. Pop ups

    Never had them before......now my computer's going crazy with the fuckers! Anybody know a solution?
  2. Pop ups

    well that's been very informative, thanks lads! Now where's those tissues?
  3. Pop ups

    you've got to be joking!
  4. Steve Bruce for the Toon

    At least he's Geordie who knows what its all about - might stabalise things a bit. Wise.....Jesus, doesn't bear thinking about does it?
  5. My Rant About A Dickhead or two

    I'd rather die of thirst than put any more money into that fat, southern bastards pockets. How many of us would be there today if we didn't already have season tickets?
  6. Newcastle United 1-2 Hull City

    Never mind that....we are the laughing stock of the country.....a fucking shambles. We thought it was bad in the past with Shepherd & co, at least he was a Geordie. FUCK OFF ASHLEY you Southern ponce
  7. Favourite non-alcoholic drink

    Ace Lager! Irn Bru....good for hangovers, or Orange Lucozade gets my vote!
  8. EastEnders

    ....last night's was quite exciting! (for Eastenders that is!)
  9. Annoying accessories

    pedometers keys tangling from trousers mobiles kept in handy pouches strapped to the belt bum bags any more?
  10. Annoying accessories

    oh aye....oops! and carrying on the theme.....footballers with hairbands footballers wearing their ankle socks outside their footy socks (what's that all about?) sweatbands mobiles with charms hanging from every orifice those shoes with leather labels on the laces
  11. Cough medicines

    none work....all shit, waste of money! drink neat whiskey instead, make you feel much better and does your throat the world of good!
  12. Words you like

    beaver "free beer"
  13. Words that do your head in

    ...people who say ...."yeah?" at the end of their sentance and similarly people from Carlisle who say "eh?" at the end of every sentance funky contemporary sunderland escapism (what's all that about?)
  14. How Smart Are You ?

    8.....good little quiz that!
  15. Ginger people

    anybody met one who is not a total radgie, jack in the box, can't sit still etc? I haven't!
  16. Peep Show Series Four

    first time I've watched it as I'm normally well pissed by this time..............excellant, very funny!
  17. Sports injury

    ...if it's pain in the knee, sounds like cartilage trouble...........GP's waste of time, go to Sports Injury physio, might be expensive but should do the trick!
  18. Do you feel safe?

    ...that's the trouble, whe sober we are all well aware of our surroundings, any potential flashpoints etc so violence can usually be avoided - not always mind. but when pissed, that's a totally different ball game, I am far more relaxed and generally would not think twice about walking past a big group of pissed blokes or the worst scenario the charver gang, full of cheap cider and carrying blades. couple of years ago I was on the Metro going to a party in town, about 7ish.......there were loads of teeny charvs on who obviously didn't know each other.....one was giving a bloke some grief, who was just sitting minding his own business.... .....train got to Howdon, bloke thought "fuck this I'm out of here" jumped off and just as the buzzer was sounding all these little wankers jumped off.....as the train was pulling away I saw the poor fucker getting kicked to fuck on the platform............I was totally gutted even though I didn't know the guy....thought about it for days. should I have done this or that? bastards!
  19. Ginger people

    ...ha yeah, some good replies there! I met my nearest and dearest Ginger 25 years ago this year, married to her for 17.....and she is great, but a total radgie who can't sit still for a minute, flies off the handle at random times, total nutter in general....and I got to thinking that just about all gingers that I know are all the same! Wonder if it's something in the ginge that seeps into their heads?
  20. What are you listening to ?

    Because the night - Patti Smith
  21. Ginger people

    haha....oh I see!
  22. Ginger people

    ...showing ignorance here like.....but what's a WUM?
  23. Things you miss when not in the Toon

    ...our coastline, beaches etc second to none people...friendly strangers who speak beer my hoose...
  24. Sweets

  25. Decent weather

    ....fantastic post by Mr Bass there! Here, Here!

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