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  1. Now that we have Pardew at the reins of managing the team we are going the way of having no style or class any player we have that does have some real potential wont be long in wanting away. The day Ashley arrived at the TOON was the day the coffin nails started to be hammered down
  2. I can't of any reason to prevent you smacking that kid in the mouth now. Tell him I'll meet him. This whole saga is ridiculous re-name the club what the fxxk for. we should have all known that the more this dragged on M.A. had no intention of selling the club. If they do rename SJP they should call it "DISNEYWORLD"--where dreams are made-frigging nightmares because this whole situation is a NIGHTMARE
  3. what we could do with is to sign up a couple of BEACH BALLS might get a couple of goals then LOL
  4. does anyone really think fat Ashley gives a flying fuck if it is a good decision to sell off or loan out players. There is only one thing in his mind and thats to screw as much money as he can out of nufc. He has no interest or passion in the club so the sooner we can get rid of the fat nowt the better for all,as long as he owns this club we are DOOMED.
  5. there goal was a mistake by Harper you watch the re-play he does'nt even punch it he sort of pats it away with both hands. PUNCH IT OR BLEEDING WELL CATCH IT you tosser
  6. The away strip is just another passing shot from M.A. talk about taking the piss, wont need on pitch lighting as we will frigging well glow in the dark
  7. BOYCOTT his shops and everything else connected with M.A. the sooner we can get this tosser owt of town the better for all concerned. This man will go down in tyneside history as the man that destroyed NUFC ------bet he has some MACKEM roots from way back?
  8. It's a fact that the worse teams have to go down and boy we ARE one of the worst, a bunch of over paid underacheivers
  9. GOING DOWN teams got no passion and no will to win
  10. I think it's about time everyone faced facts the toon is well and truly fucked,it's no use hoping and waiting for a miracle to come along and put things right As long as Ashley and his cronies have owt to do with this club we have got a one way ticket to the championship. The likes of Owen, Viduka, Martins etc have been one thing for us bad signings and overpaid underacheviers. And AMEOBI is just a frigging disgrace how he has lasted here is mind boggling
  11. keep your fingers crossed and hope this lad is not another frigging Shola Ameobi
  12. IF IMSOMNIA is'nt playing i hope his wages get deducted french PRAAAAT !!!!!!!
  13. lets be honest the whole fucking set up at SJP is fucked now, can see the mackems having a hey day at the weekend TWATS
  14. Idont mean drink wise pissed i mean depressed PISSED--PISSED OFF-- FEEL THROUGHLY DISILLUSIONED
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