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  1. I guess I am not the only one feeling that we are being left behind in the transfer market...and possibly the premiership!!!
  2. Totally agreed. Just got in from a grandmother visit and this is the first thing I see on SSN. If they pull his one off..I shall be a little miffed!!! Pompey and the 'ammers are certainly showing us the way to deal in the transfer market. As menioned countless times...we have known that we need striking options for a while...its been a while since we lost Owen......we have always needed defensive improvements...... WHAT THE HELL HAS THIS CLUB BEEN DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have missed out on a handful of quality players in this window......it started to go pear shaped when Gudjo
  3. I have to agree.....they certainly have the resources to hijack this deal........but..I remain positive....I am sure he will be a Newcastle but the end of day tomorrow.?? FINGERS CROSSED.
  4. Defense. It has always been defense. Lots spent on quality in the midfield and forwards...but nothing worth talking about in the back line. If it wasn't for Shay, we would be getting a pasting in most games played!
  5. Stephane Gui'varch (sp) was a donkey too!
  6. Strange how the press and everyone seem to harp on about how badly the Toon are doing, yet, the team that qualified for the Champs league, dumped out of that, then promptly dumped out of the Uefa cup, is proudly sitting just above us in the league!!!
  7. Arse, kinda forgot to purchase a copy yesterday, so missed out on the transfer password.....does anyone happen to know it???
  8. Kuyt.....not sure if Owens heart will be totally in it!....especially when he plays against his second choice team Liverpool!
  9. so when can we expect the decision from the player thats he not going to sign ????
  10. ...cold feeling in the bottom of there stomach that we are not going to get any further signings before the close of transfer window..... I have personally resigned myself to the fact that we are going to be short of quality strikers for a few months!! Hopefully, Ameobi or Chops can find some form.....
  11. Help, love the game, however, can't seem to do so well, always seem to end up getting the sack. The player I have and have brought in are great, so I am assuming the problem is in my training area...... So, any tips will be great........thanks
  12. Apparenly holding out for 10m...our bid...apparently...is only 7.5m......bleeding typical......we need a player of his type to play up front, left side of midfield and we are missing them about....pay the money and run....I personally think we will be getting a bargain!
  13. Oh didn't see that one coming. I do hope he signs, he is a quality player that will cause lots of defences issues!!
  14. A West Ham fan on another board claims to have seen GS with Dean Ashton in the capital. Not sure if this is genuine, however, he has posted this claim on both a WH & NU forum. Is he the man we need??
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