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  1. In fairness to Gayle, he did manage a goal every 182 minutes during his Palace stay according to Transfermarkt.
  2. Agree with the bit about Diame, he looks like what Sissoko could have been, if he could be bothered! Generally a composed performance today!
  3. Bigirimana gone back to Coventry... Another one that might have been!
  4. Nicklas Bendtner is still available as on a free.... Not that anyone sane would sign him!
  5. This... we very much needed someone who could hold the ball up on Fulhams last third, as we had plenty of players in the box in the second half, when our wings started to provide service, but we lacked someone ala Mitrovic, who could challenge the Fulham CH's with his back to the goal and lay the ball off. Also Armstrong did more in his cameo than Perez did all match.
  6. We won 2-1 against Blackburn on the 7th of februrary in the FA Cup, after having gone behind!
  7. No better than Shola or Best! Was shite when he played in Denmark, and at 27 he seems to be rather average in Ligue 1!
  8. About Boilesen He is pretty good going forward, and is probably the best danish leftback currently around, had more or less made the leftback spot his on the national team, when he got injured in the start of the current season. Don't think he'll be cheap though, as he look like he'll be first choice in Ajax, and i'm not sure he is ready for the PL yet! In terms of attitude and off-field antics, I read an article some months ago, where he said he was a bit religious, though not in any fanatical way. Besides there have never been any "Bendtner" like stories, so I think he is a fairl
  9. He was great in Denmark, top scorer last season, even better this season, most important man for AAB, who is leading the danish league. Scored some in Europe aswell. Has a decent shot on him, good in the air aswell, best striker in the danish league. Dont think he has the class for the EPL though, was a second rate striker in Germany before he came to AAB!
  10. He is one of the best defenders in the danish league, superb in the air, rarely makes mistakes, but he is not the quickest and probably wouldnt be able to hand the pace of the epl.
  11. Apart from having to play Carr again I think the ANC wont be too much of a strain on our squad. maybe not, but with owen and viduka both quite injury prone, that could leave us with smith and shola up front, away to man u and arsenal, which probably are matches, we wont get anything from anyway
  12. Well thats five african players, on our books now, lets hope nigeria and senegal does'nt go to the ANC, or we could be pretty fuked come january.
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