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  1. Why are QPR and we so unappreciative of Routledge

    Do you know anything about how much he earns? I don't know the ins and outs but QPR do not pay mega weekly wages, so the deal hinges on this loyalty bonus
  2. Why are QPR and we so unappreciative of Routledge

    QPR won't pay his high wages, that's the reason he is still here and he wants a "loyalty bonus" from Newcastle
  3. Keegan hurt by NUFC rift

    So what about, Out of country? Can hardly wait for your answer Hey Noelie, "out of country" supporters are some of the most fanatical and loyal fans imho, my uncle who lives not far from you in Arcadia CA goes to see at least 5 toon games a year, last year he saw 11 games 1 more than me . Anyway back on topic, I hope KK does come back one day ps I will be in Anaheim next week Noelie is there anywhere to watch the match over there
  4. Fantasy Football

    I have really enjoyed the fantasy league season and im well happy at finishing in the top ten Do they do fantasy league in the championship
  5. Things you never see at SJP anymore

    a inflatable green alien with a toon top on.
  6. How to place a hex or curse on a group of people.

    What do we have to do to take the hex or curse off Newcastle???
  7. Newcastle v Man Utd 95/96

    Newcastle v Man Utd from the 95/96 is on again tonight at 2010 on ESPN classic sky channel 442, looks like its the full match
  8. Toon Chants

    5-1, 5-1 are you watching big fat Ron I think its from the home game against Villa 27 / 4 / 94
  9. Man City 2-1 Newcastle United

    Tonights Newcastle goal http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=7801J2eMEt8
  10. Anyone near the airport

    I think I just seen him walking down Stanhope street towards SJP
  11. Blackburn v Newcastle

    Possible line up's Blackburn: Robinson, Ooijer, Nelsen, Samba, Warnock, Emerton, Dunn, Andrews, Pedersen, McCarthy, Santa Cruz Newcastle: Given, Edgar, Bassong, Coloccini, N'Zogbia, Gutierrez, Butt, Guthrie, Duff, Owen, Carroll
  12. Newcastle United v Hull

    It's not even that good
  13. Newcastle United v Hull

    southend 1 chelski 0
  14. Phone security

    use *65 to turn blocking on and use #65 to turn it off, but this is just for withheld numbers One other way is to buy a external caller display unit, the number will show on the display if its the dodgy number just press reject
  15. HD TV, Sky+ and Cinema System

    I know sky are having some major problem with lip sync issues, they did issue a software update on the 18 September, so if you got the box after this you may have to go into settings on HD box and look for something that says updates cant remember were abouts it is. You say you have got a new cinema system, but have you changed the sound setting manually from 2.0 to 5.1 ? you will need to do this on your HD box and maybe you TV you could also try a system restore, press & hold the back up button on the sky box itself, then unplug all cables, power cables, HDIM, basically every cable then put them all back and power up remember to keep back up button pressed till you get a message on the screen you may need another pair of hand to help you When you test Sky HD don't test on BBC or C4 as they have known issues try Sky One Let me Know the results and I will try and help you further if needed

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