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  1. Shearer Statue...

  2. 19 to 1

    According to the chronicle there will be 16 chairmen who vote and we require 11 at least to pass. The relegated clubs dont get to vote and neither do the promoted clubs!
  3. Anyone Left Birmingham Recently?

    From the beeb: Birmingham have released Jamie Clapham, Chris Sutton, Mario Melchiot, Nico Vaesen and Stan Lazaridis. And Nicky Butt and Jiri Jarosik have also ended their respective loan deals But the club rejects claims that it was Olivier Tebily and Julian Gray who refused to play in the final game of the season against Bolton on Sunday. A club statement read: "Without naming the individuals involved, the main instigator of any problems is no longer at Birmingham City Football Club." The statement added: "Reports suggesting that Olivier Tebily and Julian Gray refused to take part in the club's final Premiership game at Bolton are completely false and inaccurate." Boss Steve Bruce has refused to name the players who effectively went on strike for the match, which ended in a 1-0 defeat at the Reebok. But he admitted he was left in a state of disbelief at their actions. Bruce told the Birmingham Mail: "Professional footballers who don't want to play - that's incredible
  4. Just went onto Ladbrokes to check the latest odds.

    http://www.oddschecker.com/betting/mode/o/...225x/sid/825353 Try thAt if it helps? Looks like Ladbrokes have stopped bets for a while
  5. If West Ham finish 7th & get to Cup Final...

    We can still catch Blackburn man, they got a tough run in
  6. pubs with foreign tele in Newcastle

    The Hotspur is showing it in town but it will be heaving around 3pm, i'm still going like
  7. Emre

    Justin Lockwood and Mick Martin were saying he been good defensively but that it maybe because we are winning and that it could have been a different story if we were losing or 0-0. I've gone off Mick Lowes recently
  8. Emre

    I listened on magic 1152 and they said he played canny
  9. Is Europe still a possibility?

    my mate also reckons 7th is available due to wigan not getting it in the uefa cup. All very complicated stuff i hasten to add!
  10. Is Europe still a possibility?

    So what if the smogs win the uefa cup can that affect anything or how about arse winning the champions league and finishing 5th? Is it definitely impossible for 7th to get europe??
  11. All Of My Video's In The One Thread

    Hey guys, none of the links work for me?
  12. Charlton Stub

    sorry seen the other thread. Delete/Merge whatever!
  13. Charlton Stub

    I have lost the one which should have been used over xmas (match 9?) i was wondering is this the stub we will be using for the game or will it be number 13 with chelsea being 20? Any advice appreciated, cheers!!
  14. FA cup QF draw

    I wanted Chelsea at home but this isnt too bad i reckon. I'd rather lose in a quarter then getting tonked off them in a final with more heartache. Anyway Charlton knocked them out the carling cup at stamford bridge so why cant we do the same in the FA cup?! Chelsea 1-2 newc

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