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  1. Love the fact that David Craig has been given absolutely FUCK all.
  2. Boumsong... Ive seen Collo play around 6/7 times, and he is pure class. Also, the guys on the Depor forums are gutted, as they rate him as one of the top defenders in the league. Heres hoping
  3. its what the greece/sweden game did to me...i had to entertain myself somehow
  4. Just a few that I have 'shopped' - fingers x'd we get something along these lines.
  5. awful disgraceful challenge but these things happen in football...its no excuse but these things happen hope eduardo is ok and recovers, but from those images, its looking very very bad.
  6. Hardly gonna come out and say 'My Squad are shite, need better players' middle of a season is he??? Nice way to get relegated and for to lose the dressingroom!
  7. aye gonna wait n see if gaz is going too...i aint got any money so he said he'd spot me a pint...yee goin?
  8. dont hold back with the insults guys...i love the internet!! Anyhow... potential win on the cards here i sense...(i can bloody hope cant i?) Anyhow 1-2 to the toon...just sneak it.
  9. I certinally dont condon either 'scrap'. Merely pointing out the fact that we seem to be treat differently (and certain players also) The whole thing involving dyer/bowyer was a disgrace to the club and them, im under no illusions, but the way the press/fa/police treat it was a teeeny bit OTT. I never feel hard done by unless it is fully justified...and being a Newcastle supporter (dispite what you read in the papers) tend to have a very open view on all things football related and not the blinkered view the press tend to project by interviewing charvas outside St James. Im ju
  10. http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11661_3075894,00.html Now...this might not seem Newcastle related at first...but can anyone remember a certain onfield scuffle between two Newcastle players in recent times? The now infamous Dyer vs Bower debarcle. Now, I do not condone either of these 'heated debates' on the field as they set a bad example...but surely this is a very obvious case of double standards in my opinion. Ok, the Dyer Bower fracus, they both got sent off...but in my opinion this was very much on the same scale, but this time, someone drew blood!!! Christ
  11. this has officially cheered up my day!
  12. Rumour has it Viduka dropped a pie, bent down to pick it up and strained his back. Bring back Shola!!
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