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  1. just read it mate, top of the pops pleased for you both, thoughts are with you see you at next match
  2. we must win portsmouth, boro and fulham at home, and at least get 2pts from hull and stoke away thats 11pts and that might not be enough, yes we could get more but i cant honestly see it, hope im wrong , thinking from the heart but the head is speaking, lost to many points at home already, if we do go down we will still be here , for ever, what boils my piss is fat bastard ,speccy twat [sorry all people who were glasses, but im ginger so it evens itself out] and the midget cunt [ sorry small people dont give a fuck about fat people DIET] you might be here for 1,2,5 or even 10 years but were he
  3. flat cap nufc caps scarves around wrists white doctors coats orange balls when snow on pitch the benches going mad at linesman when 50% of players had a tache fencing keeping supporters off the pitch paying at the turnstile home and away not st james but also the pink shoot tv highlights by tyne tees football specials
  4. boro, portsmouth, stoke to go down, nufc on a massive 40pts
  5. dopaz

    FA Cup

    FOURTH-ROUND DRAW Liverpool v Everton Southampton/Man Utd v Tottenham Hull/Newcastle v Millwall/Crewe Sunderland v Blyth/Blackburn Hartlepool v West Ham Leyton Orient/Sheff Utd v Charlton/Norwich Cardiff v Arsenal Portsmouth/Bristol City v Histon/Swansea Chelsea/Southend v Ipswich Cheltenham/Doncaster v Aston Villa West Brom/Peterborough v QPR/Burnley Torquay v Coventry Kettering Town v Fulham Watford v Leicester/Crystal Palace Derby County v Nottingham Forest Birmingham City/Wolves v Middlesbrough
  6. the top pics are from the 83-84 season, we needed a point for promotion to the old first division[premiership] at huddersfield away, we went 2-0 down but pulled it back to 2-2 to clinch promotion, we had two thirds of the ground, happy days
  7. been working with them again today, asked them to send me the photos, if i recieve them shall post them to show you all, the sign is actually persplex, as for 1989 the crest was the nufc one
  8. just got back from doing a job at slaley hall, the joiners were mackems so i started taking the piss,they told me to follow them to thier car so i did, they then started to tell me a story of when it was them who fitted the newcastle crest with howay the lads under it sign as you come out the tunnel to the pitch at st james, they then showed me photos, they have only hung a sunderland shirt under it and its still there to this day, like i say ive saw the photos to prove this, what can i say, there must be a way to contact nufc to see if this is still there and if it is remove and burn it, i fe
  9. dopaz


    working on the new boro college and its full of geordies, they fucking hate it but say fuck all, also boro is not a derby couldnt give a shit about them, they dont deserve a team, id say hull and leeds is more of a derby for them
  10. cant stand the man, inept fool, the backbone of the england team were in the champions league final, but he still failed to qualify, i will stop now because it makes me so mad, boils my piss, the horrible wanking fuckwit he is, like i said i better stop
  11. dopaz

    FM Radio

    wear fm 103.4 you know the score
  12. nowt worse than a sticky shit but a its great when you get a clean wipe
  13. dopaz


    he,s geordie he,s mental he,s off his fucking head joking aside was a top player...
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